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Easyjob 6 mit über 200 neuen Funktionen erhältlich

30/06/2015 - Equipment News

Mit Easyjob 6 ist eine neue Version der Vermietsoftwarelösung für die Eventbranche erhältlich, die mit über 200 neuen Funktionen und Detailverbesserungen umfangreicher ist als die vorherigen Versionen. Branchentrends wie die Internationalisierung sind mit einer neuen Funktion für Fremdwährungsangebote ebenso in Easyjob 6 eingeflossen wie die eine neue Fuhrpark- und Personalplanung. Letztere Funktion entstand im Austausch mit den Anwendern und berücksichtigt deren Wünsche für eine verbesserte individuelle Ressourcenplanung.

Jan Daem

30/06/2015 - Business News

Barco, one of the global leaders in digital cinema technology, just announced that Jan Daem, long-time board member at the Laser Illuminated Projector Association (LIPA), has been unanimously elected as chairman of the board. “We are very proud our colleague Jan Daem has been elected as chairman of LIPA,” comments Wim Buyens, Vice President Entertainment at Barco. “Jan made a substantial contribution to LIPA and to the simplification of global laser regulation for performance projection.”

“After years of development, we’re excited that laser projection is finally here,” continues Stijn Henderickx, Vice President Digital Cinema at Barco. “However, to accelerate the global adoption of laser projection, the industry needs to continue to support LIPA and its work to smooth the way for laser in cinema and other applications. Jan Daem will continue this important task as LIPA’s new chairman.”

Jan Daem’s work at LIPA has exemplified the required balance between simplifying the regulation of lasers as light sources for projection, while preserving the industry’s commitment to operator and end-user safety. Jan successfully led the European regulatory strategy and – together with his colleagues at LIPA and world-class laser safety experts – convinced the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) to evaluate laser-illuminated projectors as ‘lamps’. He did this by providing peer-reviewed scientific evidence that laser-illuminated projectors present no greater risk than lamp projectors of equivalent brightness.

As chairman, Jan will face one more challenge – to complete LIPA’s US regulatory strategy, bringing the US FDA/CDRH into alignment with the new IEC regulations he helped to develop. With this, LIPA’s primary regulatory mission will be complete. After that, LIPA will shift emphasis to its other missions: to accelerate the global adoption of laser-illuminated projectors in both cinema and non-cinema applications and to provide guidance and best practices to its members and users of laser-illuminated projectors around the world.

ACL Series: new narrow-beam LED effect lights from Elation Professional

30/06/2015 - Business News

With the new ACL Series, Elation Professional is giving the industry a whole new meaning to ACL. Elation has taken the intensity of a tight ACL beam and repackaged it in a versatile line of Advanced Collimator Lens effects, perfect for adding ACL beam looks to any stage, show or venue. Five models are available - ACL PAR 200, ACL Bar, ACL Curtain, ACL 360 Bar and ACL 360 Matrix.

The ACL Series features a new highly-advanced collimator lens optic, the largest single multi-chip LED lens optic to date at the same size of a PAR 20 lamp. Using the latest high-output RGBW 15 W multi-chip LED, its wide optical design emits a laser-like yet dense homogenized 4-degree color-changing beam from each lens.

Each unit in the series offers individual pixel control for greater design options along with built-in effect/chase macros for quick programming when needed. Strobe effects and full-range dimming with dimming curve effects add to the design possibilities. The ACL Bar and ACL Curtain can also be used as a wash fixture using an included removable frost filter and glare shield.

All fixtures in the ACL Series are DMX, RDM or Art-NET controllable and come with a host of standard features like 3/5-pin XLR connections, powerCON in/out connections and RJ45 Ethernet in/out connections. A 6-button touch control panel with a full color 180° reversible menu display makes for easy navigation through DMX and manual settings and an auto-sensing power supply covers worldwide voltages and frequencies.

The ACL Series operates flicker free for use in TV and other broadcast applications and a long LED life rating means service intervals are few and far between.The ACL Series offers all the benefits of LED like greater reliability, less maintenance and increased energy efficiency and isan excellent example of Elation’s continued commitment to providing the best performance/best ROI solutions.

Plan-j entwickelt animierten „Messeknigge“

30/06/2015 - Business News

Die Agentur Plan-j aus Frankfurt am Main hat für einen Auftraggeber aus dem Bereich Investitionsgüter einen „Messeknigge“ entwickelt. Mit dem Video steht ein Werkzeug für die verschiedenen Stadien und Anforderungen eines Messeauftritts zur Verfügung.

Robe LED Wash 800 SW im Al Jazeera Studio London

30/06/2015 - Installationen News

Eine Spezialversion des Robe Robin LED Wash 800 PureWhite SW hat Lichtdesigner Manfred „Ollie“ Olma von Mo2 Design im neuen Fernsehstudio von Al Jazeera in London installiert. Das Studio im 16. Stock des „Shard“, einem Wolkenkratzer im Stadtteil Southwark, ist mit 80 Einheiten des Robe-Movinglights ausgestattet. Auftraggeber von Mo2 war Studio Hamburg, das für Set-Design, Licht-Design, Bühnenbau, Möbelbau, Medientechnik und Lichttechnik des neuen Studios verantwortlich zeichnet.

Schnick-Schnack-Systems liefert LED-Technologie für ESC

30/06/2015 - Rental News

Schnick-Schnack-Systems lieferte mehr als 4.000 LED-Streifen für den Bühnenaufbau des Eurovision Song Contest (ESC). Die Produkte des Kölner Unternehmens erweckten das Bühnenkonzept von Florian Wieder in der Wiener Stadthalle zum Leben und unterstützten die Auftritte der Künstler mit Beleuchtungseffekten.

Neue Videokonferenz-Bundles mit Sony-Displays

30/06/2015 - AV-Medientechnik News

Mit Einführung der neuen Displays von Sony bieten sich Bundle-Möglichkeiten in Verbindung mit Sony-Videokonferenzsystemen. Die neuen Displays gibt es in Größen von 40‘‘ bis 85‘‘ als Full-HD- und 4K-Modelle. Sie sind als Bundle mit den Sony-Videokonferenzsystemen PCS-XG100H, PCS-XG77H und PCS-XC1 kombinierbar.

Harting M12 Slim Design jetzt auch als Buchse

29/06/2015 - Equipment News

Den neuen Harting M12 Slim Design gibt es ab jetzt nicht nur als Stift, sondern auch als die dazugehörige Buchse. Damit wird das in Crimpanschlusstechnik ausgeführte System der M12-Variante nun komplettiert.

Swan Lake At The Royal Danish Opera: key elements

29/06/2015 - Business News

This spring, the Royal Danish Opera staged Tchaikovsky’s famous ballet, Swan Lake, in a new production under the direction of Nikolaj Hübbe, Chief of the Danish Opera, and Silja Schandorff, Director. Staged for the first time almost 150 years ago, countless versions of the tragic love story of Swan Lake have since been shown in theatres across the globe. To bring new life to the classic piece for the Royal Danish Opera (RDO), Hübbe and Schandorff called upon Finnish Designer, Mikki Kunttu to develop an original lighting, video and set design. Kunttu’s minimalistic set design meant that every element played a significant role in bringing the the production to life, including Martin Professional’s VC-Strips and Mac Viper Profile lighting fixtures.

Kunttu has worked with the Royal Danish Opera on similar productions in the past. However, this is the first time he has developed every aspect of the lighting, video and set design in an RDO production. The first challenge presented itself to Kunttu early on in the design process: how creative was he allowed to get within the context of the Swan Lake ballet? Ballet as a genre is traditionally connected with elements such as landscape-painted backdrops and projections with illustrations. Kunttu and his team wanted to challenge tradition with a new approach, but first Kunttu immersed himself in the Swan Lake story.

“I needed to get to the core of the story to understand what makes it so successful decade after decade,” said Kunttu. “Only after doing that was I able to form my own vision and felt comfortable presenting it to the rest of the team. Once I’m satisfied that I’ve done my basic work, I’m ready to get creative.” As an experienced lighting and set designer in genres ranging from concerts to theatre and TV, Kunttu always looks for and tries to represent the essence in his designs. His methodology is much the same whether designing for a concert or a ballet. “Often you’re hoping to evoke the same kind of emotions regardless of the application you’re designing for,” said Kunttu. “That part is the same - your toolbox just varies slightly in the different fields.”

In the case of Swan Lake, the traditional elements gradually disappeared from the design and the basic idea of mixing video, set and lighting design was conceived. This idea was so strong and had so much potential that there was no need for anything else. “One of the secrets is being able to see what you don’t need and then make the bold choice to remove them from the production,” said Kunttu.

One of the main challenges in ballet is that the stage floor needs to be kept free of scenographic elements to leave space for the dancers. Normally, you would frame the stage with legs and borders, but Kunttu wanted to overcome this somehow and convert the legs and border to become one of the performers. He envisioned a dynamic structure flying above the stage – being able to travel in the air like feathers but at the same time possessing a dark and heavy undertone. He wanted it to represent the darker side in the story and work as its own character.

Thus, Kunttu and his team developed a cut-out structure with an abstract shape to sometimes reference elements in the story, such as a castle. The appearance of the structure depended on the video content projected onto it and through it as well as how the structure was lit. Once the structure design was in place, Kunttu’s vision for the lighting design quickly developed. He used eight towers of Mac Viper Profiles to add dimensionality and create a space without directly lighting the dancers. Mac III Washes, Profiles and Performances were used to add volume and heavy color to the production.

32 VC-Strips of 4 meters each were also part of the production. In the first lake scene the fixtures served purely as set elements with no content displayed on them. They were then lowered all the way down to stage level with the dancers moving around them as if they were trees, symbolizing the swans’ journey through the dark forests towards the lake. In the second act, Kunttu used the fixtures as living pixels resembling stars above the Swan Lake.

Photos: Ralph Larmann (Trailer)

Interview: Rüdiger Nürnberg, freelance sound engineer

29/06/2015 - Business News

With regard to festival sound, what would you say is the greatest single challenge confronting PA suppliers and therefore also manufacturers such as Electro-Voice?

Rüdiger Nürnberg: I think good PA manufacturers provide a product portfolio, which - thanks to consistent sound and variable dispersion angles - always guarantees homogenous coverage without having too many individual systems within one product range.

What techniques do you use to minimize spillage between stages situated closely to each other?

Rüdiger Nürnberg: You cannot compensate the extremely important physical distance. Of course, you can influence the dispersion in the lows with the according array arrangement. In reality, this will be where the greatest influence will be. With regards to the tops, this however is limited. Towards the rear of the system, you can certainly minimize the sound through appropriate structural measures. But apart from careful planning the angles of the arrays, you quickly run out of options. In my opinion, it’s not about sheer product characteristics as long as we are only using high quality products - the challenge is picking the right products in order to fit each individual situation and using them correctly.

To what extent are regulatory changes or future measures affecting work in this area?

Rüdiger Nürnberg: The common sound level regulations are sensible and still allow for a powerful sound. For this reason it is necessary to create a homogenous coverage and avoid having areas with extremely high sound level peaks whereas other areas are not covered sufficiently. To guarantee a homogenous sound for the whole audience, I think it is possible to create powerful sound in all areas without breaking the regulations. Here in Germany it is interesting to see how the regulations might affect working hours in the next years. I expect there will be significant changes - which will strongly affect festivals. In the end, there will be two possible scenarios: Either there will be multiple-shift operations throughout the whole festival or the festival opening hours will be shortened so multiple-shift operation won’t be needed.

Please give some details of a recent festival where your solutions have made a major difference to a formerly problematic audio set-up, re spillage etc.

Rüdiger Nürnberg: This is difficult to say. Usually the crew will be replaced if the results continue to be poor - so it’s hard to have a proper comparison.

Please give a few hints of forthcoming product developments that are relevant to festival audio.

Rüdiger Nürnberg: The trend to have the same powerful sound while using even smaller and lighter gear definitely provides sufficient freedom for sound design. Additionally, it would be nice if there would be a common standard for digital sound transmission. This would make it possible to combine products from different manufacturers. In this field it will be interesting to see which standards will be developed and will establish themselves.

Martin launches Jem ZR Series of Fog Machines

29/06/2015 - Business News

Underscoring its commitment to the theatre and stage market, Harman’s Martin Professional has introduced its new Jem ZR fog machines at the 2015 ABTT Theatre Show.

Jem ZR is a family of powerful fog machines designed to deliver uninterrupted performance in professional applications. Equipped with 1.150–2.000 W heat exchangers they deliver large amounts of fog and peak output, ideal for venues of all sizes in both install and rental markets. The Jem ZRs feature variable output control for more subtle effects and are fully up-to-date with digital remote, DMX and RDM. The entire Jem ZR range is compatible with a wide range of Jem Pro fog fluids. As machines designed and built to last, the Jem ZRs will continue to perform with great output and low consumption.

Illuminating St Petersburg

29/06/2015 - Business News

Two leading Russian rental companies - TOK Improvisation and Translight - both based in St Petersburg, joined forces to supply over 200 Robe moving lights to a large 2-day celebration event staged over a recent weekend in Dvortsovaya Square, right in the heart of the city.

The first day honoured the local hockey team - SKA St Petersburg - who won the Gagarin Hockey cup in the Kontinental Hockey League (KHL). Then overnight, the stage was transformed to host St. Petersburg City Day on the Sunday, celebrating the iconic city’s 312th anniversary with a classical concert. These two events were the culmination of a whole week of celebrations.

The fixtures were hung in a series of trusses in the large roof/stage structure and included Robe MMX Wash Beams, LED Wash 600s plus Color Spot and Color Wash 2500E ATs. Lighting designer/operator for the SKA St Petersburg event was Nickolay Dimitryev. The hi-energy show included performances by a rock-tastic line-up of bands including Splin, Tantsi Minus, Zvery and Basta, which gave Nickolav a chance to maximise all the Robe fixtures and ensure that all of them had a great looking show.

SKA St Petersburg team also made a personal appearance onstage to the delight of their fans - around 150.000 people rocked up to enjoy the music and show their appreciation for the team’s achievement. On Sunday the pace slowed a bit with the classical concert which was hosted by the Mikhailovsky Theatre symphony orchestra and special guests with a number of opera performers and other classical music stars. This was also attended by large crowds.

G+B: Neue Repräsentanzen in Hamburg und Hannover

29/06/2015 - Business News

Gleich zwei Gahrens + Battermann Niederlassungen betreten ab 1. Juli 2015 „Neuland“: Sowohl die Kollegen in Hamburg als auch das Team in Hannover beziehen neue Räumlichkeiten.

Direkt von der Hafen-City aus agiert die Niederlassung Hamburg zukünftig in der Banksstraße 6 (20097 Hamburg). Positiver Nebeneffekt der Lage – die ideale Anbindung an das öffentliche Nahverkehrsnetz mit dem Hauptbahnhof in fußläufiger Entfernung von zehn Minuten. Das Team um Niederlassungsleiter Olaf Bellmann bietet ab 1. Juli vis-a-vis Hamburger Großmarkt als Full-Service-Dienstleister Lösungen für Veranstaltungen aller Art.

Ebenfalls einen neuen Standort bezieht am 1. Juli die Hannoveraner Niederlassung: Von der Hägenstraße 1 (30559 Hannover) im Ortsteil Anderten wird das Team von Niederlassungsleiter Andreas Schilling zukünftig nahe der Messe Hannover für die Kunden da sein. „Dies ermöglicht uns durch die verkehrsgünstigere Anbindung an Autobahn und öffentliche Verkehrsmittel eine schnellere Erreichbarkeit zu und von unseren Kunden“, erklärt Schilling. „Durch die neue Bürofläche, die u.a. über einen Showroom und ein Video-Studio verfügt, stellen wir uns dem Wunsch unserer Kunden, unsere Dienstleistungen des Content Managements zu erweitern.“ Praxisnahe Probeaufbauten insbesondere im Bereich der neuen Kommunikationsprodukte sollen die Planungssicherheit verbessern und die Umsetzung neuer Ideen fördern.

Auch in Berlin investiert Gahrens + Battermann: Durch eine Verdoppelung der Logistikkapazität am Standort Berlin-Charlottenburg profitieren die Qualitätssicherung für den Mietpark, die in Berlin ansässige Meisterwerkstatt für den technischen Bereich sowie die Lagerlogistik gleichermaßen von den Arbeitsbedingungen. Prozesse und Warenströme können bestmöglich an die wachsende Zahl von Projekten und Veranstaltungen angepasst werden.

Die neuen Kontaktdaten:

Niederlassung Hamburg
Banksstraße 6
20097 Hamburg
Telefon: 040 – 71 39 08 0
Email: hamburg‎@‎

Niederlassung Hannover
Hägenstraße 1
30559 Hannover
Telefon: 0511 – 41 99 97 0
Email: hannover‎@‎

Niederlassung Berlin
Gaußstraße 1
10589 Berlin
Telefon: 030 – 417 48 68 0
Email: berlin‎@‎

Projektionsmapping-Event in Kanazawa

29/06/2015 - Rental News

Am 11. und 12. Oktober 2014 wurde eines der größten Projektionsmappingevents in der Geschichte Japans realisiert. Als Projektionsfläche diente das Schloss von Kanazawa in der Präfektur Ishikawa. Das Event war Teil der Feierlichkeiten zu Ehren der Streckenerweiterung des Hokuriku-Shinkansen-Zuges. Der Inhalt des Projektionsmappings wurde als Digitalkunstphantasie konzipiert, die Licht und Ton miteinander kombinieren sollte.

Stagg & Friends unterstützt „Network Dialogues“- Roadshow

29/06/2015 - Rental News

Sechs europäische Städte mit 750 internationalen Führungskräften aus 15 Ländern - das sind die Fakten rund um die „Network Dialogues“ der Daimler Financial Services. Mit dieser Eventreihe unterstützt der Live-Kommunikations-Experte Stagg & Friends das Führungskräfte-Training des Finanzdienstleister der Daimler AG. Die „Network Dialogues“ machen für jeweils drei Tage Station an den sechs wichtigsten Daimler Financial Services-Standorten: Stuttgart, Berlin, Rom, Prag, Milton Keynes und Istanbul.

AMG GT-Präsentation mit Unterstützung von B&B

29/06/2015 - Rental News

Im September 2014 präsentierte die Mercedes-AMG GmbH im baden-württembergischen Affalterbach mit dem Mercedes-AMG GT den zweiten von Mercedes-AMG in Eigenregie entwickelten Sportwagen. Bei einer internen Veranstaltung mit über 2.000 geladenen Gästen zeichnete die B&B Eventtechnik GmbH für das Event-Equipment verantwortlich.

Magic stattet ADAC Supercross aus

29/06/2015 - Rental News

Das Technikkonzept für den 6. ADAC Supercross München im Dezember 2014 in der Münchner Olympiahalle kam aus Fürstenfeldbruck. Magic Event- und Medientechnik war als Generaldienstleister für Licht und Ton beauftragt.

Sebastian Recktenwald

29/06/2015 - Leute News

Der chinesische LED-Hersteller Opple Lighting Co. Ltd. gibt seinen Markteintritt in Deutschland, Österreich und der Schweiz (DACH) bekannt. Das DACH-Hauptquartier befindet sich in Deutschland und ist durch die Opple Lighting GmbH vertreten, an deren Spitze Sebastian Recktenwald als Geschäftsführer steht.

DEAG spendet über eine Viertelmillion Euro für die Peter Maffay Stiftung

26/06/2015 - Business News

Anfang Juni hat Peter Maffay einen Scheck über 261.490 Euro für die Peter Maffay Stiftung entgegengenommen. Überreicht wurde der Scheck von Prof. Peter Schwenkow im Namen der DEAG Deutschen Entertainment AG. Die Summe ist durch die Beteiligung der Peter Maffay Stiftung an den Ticketverkäufen der aktuellen Maffay-Tourneen zustande gekommen. Kurz vor seinem Open Air Konzert in der Berliner Wuhlheide wurde Peter Maffay mit dem Scheck für seine Stiftung überrascht.

„Ich bedanke mich im Namen unserer Stiftung und im Namen aller Kinder, die von dieser Spende profitieren! Das ist eine beeindruckende Summe, mit der wir wirklich etwas bewegen können. Ein großer Dank auch an die Fans, die mitgeholfen haben. Leute – Ihr seid klasse! “, freut sich Peter Maffay.

Prof. Peter Schwenkow, Vorstandsvorsitzender der DEAG, ist mit dem Ergebnis sehr zufrieden: „Anlässlich meines Besuches in Rumänien bei Peter Maffay entstand die Idee, die Peter Maffay Stiftung und ihre Aktivitäten massiv zu unterstützen. Ich freue mich sehr, dass es mithilfe der Besucher unserer laufenden Tournee gelungen ist, Wort zu halten.“

Seit dem Jahr 2000 schafft die Peter Maffay Stiftung Schutzräume für traumatisierte und benachteiligte Kinder und Jugendliche. Mehr als 1200 Kinder pro Jahr besuchen die Stiftungseinrichtungen in Bayern, auf Mallorca und in Rumänien. Dort gewinnen sie Abstand von ihrem oftmals belastenden Alltag, machen Erfahrungen in der Natur und erleben Anteilnahme und Geborgenheit. Die Stiftungsarbeit hat für Peter Maffay mittlerweile oberste Priorität.

Nach der großen Arena-Tour im Frühjahr beendete Peter Maffay aktuell die „Niemals war es besser“ Open Air Tour mit insgesamt 15 Open Air Konzerten.

Cargo Cart kürt Gewinner

26/06/2015 - Business News

Messebesucher der Prolight & Sound in Frankfurt konnten in diesem Jahr am Cargo Cart Gewinnspiel teilnehmen. Jeder, der am Cargo Cart Messestand eine Karte mit drei Fragen zu Cargo Cart ausfüllte, hatte die Chance ein Cargo Cart I zu gewinnen. Unter mehr als 500 richtigen Antworten wurde jetzt als Gewinner Utz Rüscher, Inhaber der Firma Rockservice aus Braunschweig, ermittelt.

Die Gewinnübergabe fand in der letzten Woche auf dem Gelände von Rockservice in Braunschweig durch Udo Heeger, freier Mitarbeiter von Late Night Concepts, statt. Im Bild (v.l.): Udo Heeger (LNC), Julian Thum und Utz Rüscher von Rockservice.

The power of Barco Alchemy

26/06/2015 - Business News

Barco, a global industry leader in digital cinema projection, announces that the theater management systems (TMS) of three key European system integrators are now compatible with the Barco Alchemy cinema projector range. Over 75% of the cinemas worldwide that use a TMS can now rely on their TMS to manage the Barco Alchemy projectors – a number that is growing month by month.

A major leap forward in digital cinema technology, Barco Alchemy projectors combine the functionalities of an integrated cinema Media processor (ICMP) and a media server into one, single projector. As seamless interaction between the ICMP module and third-party TMSs is key to creating a fully automated cinema experience, Barco is collaborating closely with TMS manufacturers around the world to expand the number of compatible systems. It is therefore happy that the TMS systems of the system integrators European Ymagis Group and French Cine Digital Service, as well as that of the Spanish Proyecson, now all operate with the Barco Alchemy projectors.

Ymagis Group/dcinex is a long-standing Barco partner. “As a leading company in Europe in the area of advanced digital technology services for the motion picture industry, we aim to provide our customers with the most up-to-date and smart technologies available on the market,” says Till Cussmann, VP Sales Exhibitor Services for Ymagis Group. “Our Melody TMS solution enables the centralized and remote management of cinema complexes’ multiple projection systems by interacting with each auditorium’s server from a single point of access. Integrating the Barco Alchemy range into our TMS is a logical choice to expand its deployment as we are servicing more than 7,200 screens across Europe.”

Just like Ymagis Group, trusted Barco partner Proyecson, based in Spain, decided that its TMS should be compatible with Barco’s Alchemy projectors. Vicente Soriano, Managing Director: “Our latest version of P-TMS4.0 fully supports Barco’s Alchemy Projectors. It’s only one of the many tokens of our long-term partnership with Barco. Today, Proyecson services over 600 digital projectors in Spain, hundreds of which are Barco DCI Projectors in Spain, and we cooperate with Barco in innovative projects like our P-SBox14 Boothless Solution, thus shaping the future of digital cinema projection.”

The decision of French-owned Ciné Digital Service, a network of cinema system experts, to make its TMS compatible with Barco Alchemy projectors was inspired by its customers. “CinéDigital Manager, our TMS, supports day-to-day operations in over 6000 cinema theaters around the world,” says Etienne Roux, Business Development Manager at Ciné Digital Service. “The software supports all the key servers, enabling our customers to use the digital cinema equipment of their choice. Upon request of many of our customers, mainly in Asia in fact, we were happy to make our system fully compatible with the Barco Alchemy projectors. Barco Alchemy is really very popular around the world and the success in Asia, where many cinema chains are being built these days, is impressive.”

Barco Alchemy projectors provide cinema-owners with a future-proof and complete platform for any type of projection, including 4K and high frame rate projection. By integrating playback and content management functionalities in one system, the Barco Alchemy technology offers an integrated and cost-effective solution. Tom Bert, Sr. Product Manager “We are delighted that the three TMS systems of these leading integrators now work seamlessly together with Barco Alchemy technology. In addition to having the best possible image technology, cinema exhibitors can now easily manage Barco Alchemy screens within their complex. In this way, we’ve come another step closer to our objective: making cinema operations increasingly simple and reliable, around the world."

Playing safe – Dynacord in the Arena Lublin

26/06/2015 - Business News

Qumak S.A. has installed an extensive Dynacord sound system in the new 15.500-seater Arena Lublin in Lublin, Poland - home of the Polish second division football club Motor Lublin. A P64 controller, a Promatrix digital matrix manager and DSA amplifiers - all from Dynacord - are delivering recorded music and announcements with ease. The system is also fully qualified for the vital duties of voice evacuation.

Three years in construction, the Arena Lublin has a capacity of 15.500. Although comparatively small, it boasts ultra-modern facilities - especially when it comes to sound. The system installed is sufficiently versatile to meet the needs of music reproduction, announcements and voice evacuation. The stadium owners had asked for uncompromised audio quality and a system that was easy to use, all while meeting their budget requirements.

After some comparisons and tests, a clear winner emerged: the solution proposed by Warsaw-based installation specialists Qumak S.A., based on a P64 digital audio matrix manager, DSA multi-channel power amplifiers and a Promatrix DPM 8016 digital matrix manager - all from Dynacord.

The system is flexible and sophisticated, capable of delivering targeted messages to eleven different zones within the stadium. Five zones are assigned to the playing field and seating areas and six zones to the interior of the building. Two sub-racks equipped with Dynacord components power the loudspeaker enclosures, while a fiber-optic ring assures maximum reliability. The Dynacord amplifiers are equipped with RCM-810 modules that provide remote supervision and control; users also have the entire system in view and at their fingertips thanks to a custom-configured IRIS-Net software interface. The control room is also equipped with a Dynacord CMS 1600 mixer and two PWS wall panels from Electro-Voice. 

Martin showcases "Rush" at Infocomm 2015

26/06/2015 - Business News

Martin Professional is showcasing its "Rush" by Martin line of dynamic lighting solutions at Infocomm 2015. The Rush line combines the latest innovations in effects lighting with proprietary LED technology to offer powerful light output and unparalleled reliability for permanent installations. The series in detail:

Rush Gobo Projector 1 - for clubs, bars, restaurants, shopping malls and other permanent installation applications, a static fixture with easy adjustment of focus, speed and direction ensuring smooth and intuitive operation.

Rush FiberSource 1 - a powerful automated color-changing luminaire that can illuminate up to 300 1 mm fiber optic cables.

Rush PAR 2 CT Zoom - a single-lens LED PAR Can with fully pre-mixed white color temperatures for a range of applications in the installation and entertainment markets.

Rush PAR 2 RGBW Zoom - a bright single-lens LED PAR Can with fully premixed color from 12 RGBW LEDs and a 10 – 60 ° zoom.

Rush MH1 Profile Plus - A brighter and more efficient upgrade to Martin’s Rush MH 1 Profile,it offers a 180 W LED engine that provides 50 percent more light output and can produce a wide variety of high-quality effects.

Rush MH5 Profile - a compact and bright 75 W LED profile moving head with efficient optics to punch out a variety of effects and colors.

Rush MH 3 Beam - a powerful beam moving head luminaire that blasts an intense and narrow long-throw beam for spectacular mid-air looks and effects.

Rush MH 4 Beam - Producing an intense, narrow beam of light for mid-air looks and effects, it is a compact beam moving head for smaller venues.

Rush MH2 Wash - a fast and agile LED moving head wash light that features RGBW color mixing and a 20-degree fixed beam angle.

Yamaha launches touch wireless control app

26/06/2015 - Business News

Infocomm 2015 saw Yamaha launching its Pro Visionaire Touch app for iPad. Developed in response to user requests, the versatile app allows wireless remote control of MTX and MRX series signal processors via easily designed custom control panels. A key component of Yamaha’s Commercial Installation Solutions (CIS) series, the MTX and MRX processors can be managed via Wi-Fi, which has led to requests for a straightforward, but highly customisable, control app. The result is Pro Visionaire Touch, which allows installers to meet the bespoke needs of individual commercial spaces such as conference rooms, retail stores, restaurants, banquet halls, houses of worship and many more.

Pro Visionaire Touch makes it easy to arrange faders, switches, graphics and other widgets via its intuitive interface, to create original touch control panels that perfectly match individual installation and control requirements. Importantly, little programming knowledge or experience is necessary, making it the ideal solution for any installer. Multiple pages can be created, allowing for optimised control panels with individual presets and parameter settings for different zones and/or users. Three passcode levels can be used to limit user access to specific control panels, enhancing security and the overall operating convenience.

Completed control panels can be exported as data files and used as templates for multiple iPads at the same installation, or when setting up a new installation at a different location, a feature which can make a notable difference to setup speed and efficiency. The versatility of iPad control means that the device can be placed in a third party mount, fitted to any surface and used as a wall or table-top controller. Alternatively it can be handheld for maximum remote control freedom and convenience when setting up or controlling a system.

Scheduled for release during the summer of 2015, Pro Visionaire Touch offers exceptionally flexible control and convenience for projects with MTX and MRX series processors, providing significant advantages for commercial sound system installation and day-to-day operation.

Robe Lighting France opens

26/06/2015 - Business News

Robe officially launched its latest subsidiary operation, Robe Lighting France, in style in Paris last week, unveiling the new offices with a fabulous party attended by around 150 people including major rental players and lighting designers from all sectors of the French production industry.

Robe Lighting France is headed by CEO Bruno Garros and CFO Elie Battah. The company is fully operational and hits-the-ground-running with seven staff in place including executive assistant Messaouda Belarbi, after sales and Technical support manager Jerome Lambeau and communications specialist Jonathan Grimaux. They are joined by two technical sales engineers, Kevin Migeon, covering northern France and Franck Huyhn who is taking care of the south of the country.

The building was acquired earlier in the year and has been renovated, re-designed and kitted out specifically for the new company’s needs. The 480 square metre property includes offices, a large show room, after sales and technical departments and a stock holding area for all the main products to ensure quick and efficient delivery nationwide. Robe Lighting France was set up to deliver the very best service and brand presence to one of the key European markets.

Josef Valchar, CEO of Robe Lighting s.r.o. flew in from Singapore for the occasion and stated, “This is a great move forward for our brand in France. We have a fantastic ‘dream-team’ on-board, and are looking forward to a very positive future”. The event was supported by Robe’s international sales director Harry von den Stemmen and Ingo Dombrowsky, key account manager for Europe, together with a strong team from the Czech Republic including marketing manager Jiri Baros, general manager David Orsag and sales operations manager Renata Stodulkova.

Some significant rental company sales are already confirmed including 46 BMFL Spots to Du Show, 80 Pointes to Magnum and 24 BMFL Spots to Audio Technique. The launch party proved to be a highly social event with a great atmosphere, much conviviality and lots of lively interaction. It was an amazing start to what will be a new era in France for the Robe brand.

In the photo (left to right): Harry von den Stemmen (Robe Lighting s.r.o. international sales manager), Elie Battah, (CFO Robe Lighting France), Bruno Garros (CEO Robe Lighting France) Jerome Lambeau (after sales department Robe Lighting France ) Messaouda Belarbi (executive assistant Robe Lighting France) Kevin Migeon (technical sales engineer Robe Lighting France), Franck Huynh (technical sales engineer Robe Lighting France) and Josef Valchar (CEO Robe Lighting s.r.o.).

PCIM Asia und SPS Automation Shanghai erfolgreich beendet

25/06/2015 - Business News

Nach drei Messetagen voller Neuheiten zu Leistungselektronik endet die PCIM Asia 2015 mit einem positiven Ergebnis. Zusammen mit der parallel stattfindenden SPS Automation Shanghai präsentierten 101 ausstellende Unternehmen im Shanghai World Expo Exhibition Center ihre Produkte und Dienstleistungen. Insgesamt knapp 5000 Fachbesucher informierten sich konzentriert an einem Messeplatz über die neuesten Trends, Entwicklungen und Innovationen in den für den asiatischen Markt wichtigen Themengebieten Leistungselektronik und Automatisierungstechnik.

Neben zahlreichen international Keyplayern wie Infineon, Fuji, Mitsubishi, Power Integrations, Semikron, Toshiba, Vishay und Vincotech waren die führenden chinesischen Firmen der Leistungselektronik wie CSR, CNR, Questar, Eagtop oder Guidu Power vertreten und boten somit dem überwiegend chinesischen Fachpublikum eine Messe auf gewohnt hohem Niveau.

PRG: weitere Investitionen

25/06/2015 - Business News

Die Production Resource Group Deutschland (PRG) stärkt ihre Marktposition mit der Investition in zahlreiche neue Produkte. Damit kann PRG eine noch umfangreichere Palette an Veranstaltungstechnik anbieten und auf jede Anforderung optimal reagieren. Ein Großteil der angeschafften Geräte war bisher nicht im Angebot von PRG gelistet.

Im Rahmen des diesjährigen Eurovision Song Contest in Wien hatte der weltweit operierende Veranstaltungsdienstleister 150 Clay Paky „Mythos“ angeschafft. Außerdem wurde in zahlreiche Martin Rush Par 2 RGBW Zoom, P-2 LED Washlights von SGM, ETC LED Profil Source Four LED Series 2 Lustr, AkkuLED Power Compact CM+A von Expolite investiert. Den bereits vorhandenen Bestand an GLP X4, P-5, Q-7 und Sixpack von SGM sowie an Martin Mac Viper Profile und Mac Viper Wash DX hat PRG mit deutlichen Mengenerhöhungen ebenfalls ausgebaut.

Auch im Bereich Beschallung erweitert PRG das Angebot mit neuen Premiumprodukten. Ab sofort sind die Systemendstufen PLM20K44 von Lab Gruppen und Fohhn FP-22 Modularsysteme bei PRG im Vermietprogramm erhältlich. Zusätzliche Yamaha QL1 und QL5 Digitalmischpulte runden die aktuellen Investitionen im Bereich Ton ab.

Weiterhin hat PRG ab sofort Barco E2-Präsentationssysteme im Programm.

Timax reaches for the stars in Yokkaichi planetarium

25/06/2015 - Business News

Japan’s Yokkaichi Municipal Museum has recently reopened following refurbishment. The refurbishment was designed and installed by Goto Inc. around their 8K triple head hybrid planetarium projection system. This, the most advanced opto-mechanical projector ever, offers a viewing potential that is second-to-none. The ability to display the Milky Way to magnitude 18 is just one of its capabilities.

The commitment to quality however does not stop there. To create the most sophisticated yet natural accompanying audio soundscape, a Timax Sound Hub 2 matrix was installed to provide real-time, cue-based timecode synchronisation between the planetarium’s multichannel surround audio and the ultra-high-resolution visual content that almost fully envelopes the audience. The Timax 2 Sound Hub controls routing of audio from a 24ch small mixing console and Tascam 8ch recorder by timecode cues, distributing both wired and wireless microphones in the mixer and a CD player, SD card player and the Tascam multitrack recorder. The Sound Hub distributes output via a custom controller to 13 d&b Max 12 loudspeakers and sevenpower amps, two d&b subwoofer, a single Meyer 650P subwoofer and a total of 44 small under floor speakers installed specifically for sound effects.

The TiMax was supplied by exclusive Japanese distributors, S.C. Alliance Inc. to Goto Inc.

Koltech invests in Robe - again

25/06/2015 - Business News

Koltech is a lighting and audio rental company based in Beersheva, Israel’s seventh largest city and the biggest in the arid Negev desert region to the south of the country. The company is owned by Yossi Bendavid - popularly known as Zak Zak which means talkative and he certainly is a lively and accomplished communicator - and Shlomi Auitani. The pair worked together at a previous company for several years and then set up Koltech seven years ago, both bringing experience, ambition and complimentary skills to the equation.

Koltech is specialised in supplying technical solutions to theatre and opera productions. Their reputation spread along with their operational scope, and so they quickly found themselves also supplying concerts, outdoor festivals and a whole range of corporate and business events as well as arts projects. They decided to invest in Robe for the first time in 2011, purchasing MMX Spots. They already knew of the brand and its reputation from a couple of sources including Robe’s distributor Danor Theatre and Studio Systems and also Argaman Systems, one of Israel’s largest rental companies.

At that point, they were actually on the brink of choosing a competitor product then Robe came up with the MMX Spot. The next purchase was of eight Pointes, and they were in fact the first company in Israel to take delivery of Pointes. The Pointes are proving the “Perfect” compliment to the MMX spots according to Zak Zak who notes that their small size and huge versatility is a great advantage in so many venues.

In 2014 the commitment to Robe continued with LED Wash 800s and also LED Beam 100s. Koltech currently has 13 full time staff and will usually service around 15 - 20 events a month of varying sizes and complexities which will be all over Israel, but primarily in the south. Zak Zak is also the company’s main LD, so he designs and programmes many of their projects as well as working internationally for some clients. Recently this work took him to London lighting a dance troupe from Ben Gurion University whose show “Karina” played at the British Library and the London Artsdepot. He’s been in the industry since he was 15 and it’s his lifeblood. He originally started as a sound engineer and then moved on to video, lighting and visuals and this is where he has found his real career passion and focus.

The photo shows (right to left - Hebrew style): Shlomi Avitan, Osher Peretz and Yossi ZakZak Bendavid of Koltech, Erez Hadar of Danor Theatre and Studio Systems - Robe’s Israeli Distributor and Koltech’s Mathias Danielle

Powersoft EMEA distributors take X series on a tour

25/06/2015 - Business News

Johannesburg-based Surgesound and Polish distributor Soundtrade recently undertook successful roadshows across their respective countries to introduce the Italian manufacturer’s X-Series, with its new technology, worldwide compatible three phase power supply and advanced channel routing system.

Headed by Surgesound MD, Andrew Rowan, and technical product manager, Ruan Joubert, the tour started in Bloemfontein and travelled through Cape Town, Port Elizabeth, East London and Durban before finishing in Johannesburg. Supporting the event from the manufacturer was Sound School Trainer and Powersoft sound engineer, Luigi Chelli. The sessions were attended mainly by touring, production companies and consultants who were eager to see whether X Series lived up to its claim. Explaining their approach, Andrew Rowan said, “Although we used conference facilities in the major cities, a lot of our demonstrations were a custom set-up where we would provide clients a private demonstration at their premises with their relevant audio staff.

“The sessions consisted of technical content, demonstrations on the latest Powersoft X-Series technologies, and then comparisons with competitor models.” He reports that there had been particular interest in the versatility of the power supply units - the 3-phase options on the X-Series, and the DSP power. Buoyed by the success of this tour, and the positive response of the clients, Andrew Rowan now plans to establish this as an annual event.

Meanwhile, the three-day X Series Roadshow set up by Powersoft’s distributor SoundTrade, which visited the major cities of Poznan (Blue Note Jazz Club), Wroclaw (Club Firlej) and Warsaw (Bemowo Culture Centre) could scarcely have been more positive. The presentations were planned as a series of training sessions, during which participants (including sound engineers) would have the opportunity to learn about the latest technology embedded in X Series.

The tour was presented by Powersoft’s product trainer/sound engineer Michele Azzimonti and the event also incorporated series of workshop topics which dealt with the power amplifier stage, acoustic measurements, as well as remote control public address systems implemented using Powersoft’s proprietary Armoníasoftware. According to Sound Trade’s Product Manager - Maciej Szewczyk, who co-hosted the events, the attendance featured a mix of engineers, rental companies and some press. And in Poznan they welcomed one significant guest in the shape of Jurek Taborowski, owner of rental company Gigant Sound Letus who already runs a large number of Powersoft K series amps in his inventory.
Maciek reports that each session was divided into four parts: Corporate and Technology presentations, X Series, and finally a measurement session and Armonía workshop. After introducing some raw data in the opening section, Michele Azzimonti set out the new series and supported his presentation with practical examples of power supply robustness, easy web-based interface and so on.

XL Video Supply Launch of cruise ship Britannia

25/06/2015 - Business News

Working with their client, Under The Radar, XL Video supplied outdoor LED screens and a multi-channel camera system for the naming of P&O Cruises’ newest luxury ship, Britannia. The ship, which is over 300 metres long, was officially named at a traditional ceremony in Southampton.

In order to ensure the visiting dignitaries had a good view of proceedings, XL Video supplied a 7 x 4 m Lighthouse R7 outdoor LED screen. XL Video also supplied five Sony HXC-100 HD cameras and 2 Bradley Cam Ball 2 robocams situated around the port location. The cameras covered all angles of the luxury ship, which bears a stylized Union Jack on its bow, as well as close-ups of the podium from which the traditional bottle of Wiston Estate British sparkling wine was launched to name the ship.

One of XL Video’s large Grass Valley Kayak PPUs, engineered by XL’s Broadcast Director, Malcolm Whittall, was used to process all the camera footage, which was directed by Jerry Rosenfield. Live feeds from the PPU were fed to national and international TV broadcasters for their daily news programmes. A live satellite feed of the naming, originating from the PPU, was broadcast live on all of P&O Cruises’ ships in their fleet.

Photos: Graham Carlow

VDO Sceptron 10 LED Video Fixture

24/06/2015 - Business News

Martin Professional announced the shipping of its VDO Sceptron LED Video fixture with 10 mm pixel pitch. Martin’s VDO Sceptron family is a line of outdoor-rated LED video fixtures for the touring and rental market.

With a range of field-exchangeable optical accessories that offer a wide variety of looks, the VDO Sceptron is one of the most versatile and touring friendly LED Video solutions available. The VDO Sceptron’s optical accessories - including diffusers in various shapes and lenses for narrow beams - can be exchanged in the field without tools. The fixture is also fully pixel-level, color and brightness calibrated ensuring consistency between fixtures and pixels for optimal image quality.

The VDO Sceptron family is controlled by the Martin P3 System Controller family and boasts simple configuration, mapping and setup. Integrated power and data cabling allows for long daisy-chains with many fixtures per cable-run, while the power supply can be located up to 50 meters away for a clean setup that eliminates extensive cabling and multiple driver boxes. VDO Sceptron fixtures are also backwards compatible with DMX for smaller setups.

L-Acoustics Heats Up Arcade Fire On The Road

24/06/2015 - Business News

Arcade Fire, the Grammy Award-winning indie band from Montreal, has been praised by critics since the launch of its debut album, Funeral, in 2004. Ten years on, the group continues to press the envelope with its sonically adventurous arrangements and tours, which can feature a dozen or more multi-instrumentalists switching between an ever-changing blend of guitar, drums, bass, piano, string quartet, xylophone, glockenspiel, keyboard, synthesizer, French horn, accordion, harp, mandolin and hurdy-gurdy.

When the band was poised to head out on the road earlier this year in support of its fourth and most recent album, Reflektor, FOH engineer Jim Warren and tour sound reinforcement provider Solotech Inc. knew what systems would be up for the challenge: L-Acoustics’ K1 and K2. In particular, this trek represented Solotech’s first official outing with the manufacturer’s new K2 enclosures, which were typically flown 14 per side as outfill arrays, but also occasionally tapped for main PA in sheds and smaller outdoor venues.

Aside from K2 outfills, Solotech deployed left and right main arrays of 14 K1 enclosures, each with six Kara for downfill. Eight K1-SB low-frequency extension cabinets were flown on the outside of each main array, with a total of 16 SB28 subs groundstacked below for low-end punch. Additional loudspeakers deployed included: six Kara front-fills positioned across the deck; 16 Arcs flown as a full 360-degree “donut” over the B stage for pre- and post-show DJ performances; 12 Kudo delays (first leg only); 52 LA8 amplified controllers; and three self-powered 108P plus one SB15P at FOH for nearfield monitoring and shout.

Photos: Spencer Snider/sgsnider, Robert Patton

Almost Upside Down Lighting

24/06/2015 - Business News

Each year Caravan Stage take their unique venue - the 30 meter (nearly 100 feet) tall ship Amara Zee - on tour to a selection of coastal cities - with a stunning and provocative production, and the 2015 season kicked off with a continuation of their hugely successful experimental musical “Hacked: The Treasure of the Empire” in Brooklyn, New York, where the Amara Zee wintered.

Lighting Designer Lutz Gock and Assistant LD Katie Davies used their new Robe LED fixtures - 4 DLX Spot moving lights and 6 LED Force 18 PARs rig - on what Lutz describes as the “almost upside down” lighting plot. When it comes to lighting Caravan Stage performances, there are several very specific requirements. With no stage roof, the kit is exposed to the elements during the set-up, rehearsal and show periods. Lighting, sound and video equipment are all powered by an on-board generator so it is limited, while the trussing system supports lighting and set pieces as well as being one of the performers in the playing area. It can only take a certain amount weight all criteria determining the choice of lighting fixtures with LED offering low power consumption, light weight, high output and greater versatility.

The Robe LED Force 18 PARs are IP65 rated making them perfect for exterior use. Rigged on the downstage truss and run at approximately 12 meters (36 feet) off deck height, the six units provide a full and even stage area wash in all colors that are needed to complement the video projections, which are beamed onto upstage scrims. The low heat output makes it safe for the lights to be positioned close to the performers and also easy for the lighting techs to focus a rig that’s literally ‘moving’ all the time with the bumping of the waves and wakes radiating across the water.

Lutz explains that weight issues onboard also dictate that the lighting design on the Amara Zee is effectively upside down. Rather than most of it being hung, lights are located on the Running and Main decks of the ship that make up the primary stage and performance area. Every lighting unit has to be multi-purpose in all ways, so the DLX brings great flexibility to the production. “The DLXs are positioned on the downstage running deck covering all the projection scrims, performers and truss with a great range of colors and animations,” explained Lutz. The DLX’s very low power consumption helps slash the kw/h demands of the rig to a third of what it was when they had a conventional lighting rig. The CTO filters and the color mixing are also great for balancing the lights with the output of the seven HD video projectors for live video feeds featured in ‘Hacked’.

Photos: Claire Sabattie

Yamaha Launches MRX7-D open architecture signal processor

24/06/2015 - Business News

Yamaha’s expanding Commercial Installation Solutions (CIS) series sees another product added to the line-up, with the launch of the MRX7-D open architecture signal processor.

Yamaha’s line of open architecture processors stretches back for over 25 years with the DME series. Complementing the CIS range’s MTX series of fixed architecture matrix processors, the new MRX7-D delivers simple flexible control for complex, high-capacity sound systems in hotels, ballrooms, houses of worship, schools, libraries, theatres, convention centres, conference rooms and many other applications.

Scheduled to ship in the summer of 2015, the MRX7-D features eight mic/line analogue inputs, eight analogue outputs and two stereo RCA inputs, with an onboard mini-YGDAI card slot allowing local I/O expansion and connection to other digital audio products. Also featured is 16 channels of Yamaha’s proprietary YDIF I/O and 64 channels of Dante I/O. The MRX7-D can feature a total simultaneous I/O count of up to 110 inputs and 104 outputs.

Yamaha’s proprietary YDIF delivers 16 bidirectional channels of audio and word clock transmission via standard CAT5e cable over distances of up to 30m. It allows cascading of multiple MTX processors as well as signal transfer to CIS series XMV power amplifiers via connections that are fast and simple to set up, significantly reducing installation times for contractors. In addition, the inclusion of Dante on the MRX7-D allows straightforward integration with a wide range of Dante-enabled products in larger system applications.

Featuring RS232C and Ethernet connectors to facilitate connection to a variety of external controllers, including those by AMX and Crestron, the MRX7-D can also be controlled by Yamaha DCP series control panels, the Wireless DCP app and Yamaha’s new ProVisionaire Touch app. Fast, straightforward setup is available via Yamaha MTX-MRX Editor software.

Mac Viper Air FX Hybrid Lights pay tribute to classic Queen shows

24/06/2015 - Business News

Legendary British rock band Queen have worked with several vocalists since the death of front man Freddie Mercury in 1991. On the most recent world tour, original band members Roger Taylor and Brian May recruited American Idol’s Adam Lambert, whose flashy onstage presence was complemented by Martin Professional Mac Viper AirFX lighting fixtures.

Lighting Designer Rob Sinclair was approached in 2012 and asked to do lighting for the Queen Extravaganza, the official Queen tribute band. His work caught Queen + Adam Lambert’s attention and they asked him to come and work for them on the upcoming tour. “It was a case of being at the right place at the right time,” said Sinclair. The lighting design process for the world tour started back in the fall of 2013, when Sinclair, the band and Set Designer Ric Lipson first met and came up with the idea of a Q-shaped stage. Lipson and Sinclair continued developing the concept over the next few months and everything fell into place during rehearsals.

Central to Sinclair’s design are 97 Mac Viper Air FXs. The previous leg of the tour featured Mac Viper Profiles, but Sinclair jumped at the chance to work with the Air FXs when UK rental company Neg Earth had them in stock. He first got acquainted with the Air FX last year at a demonstration in Las Vegas and was impressed with their output and efficiency that he took 120 on the Kylie Minogue Kiss me Once tour.

He needed something bright enough to compete with an enormous LED screen, spotlights and the many other stage elements. The Air FX, which is known for its versatility, addresses Sinclair’s main concern but also does much more. It is the original hybrid fixture, allowing hard edges, mid-air effects and washes all in one fixture without compromising on output or color. While the Queen + Adam Lambert shows included many hard-edged looks, Sinclair often relies on wash looks for other events, such as the recent Florence + The Machine shows.

Sinclair’s considered approach to his work has led him to work with a diverse range of musicians including Kylie Minogue, Peter Gabriel, Adele, Pet Shop Boys, Miley Cyrus and Vampire Weekend. “I study the artist and immerse myself in their music,” said Sinclair. “Once I have done that I am able to do my job and help them tell their stories and present them in the best way possible.” Sinclair’s methodology does include a few fairly steadfast rules. He never mixes fixture types on the same positions and he likes big blocks of color. His first priority, however, is always to ensure that everything is appropriate and tailored for the artists and their music. “I’m very aware of Queen’s long history of dramatic rock show productions,” said Sinclair. “I envisioned the show as bright, powerful and modern, but with a distinct nod to the past.”

Photos: Ralph Larmann
Rental: NEG Earth
Set Design: Ric Lipson, Stufish
Lighting Design: Rob Sinclair
Lighting Crew Chief: Seth Conlin
Crew (European leg): Mark ‘Ethnic’ Cooper, Kenny Rutkowski, Robin Sheridan, Jim Mills, Blaine Dracup, Danny Wiserman

New office officially opened by Wim Dries

24/06/2015 - Business News

Lighting and visual design practice Painting with Light’s new office in the Paardenstallen (stables) at the C-Mine development in Genk, Belgium was officially declared open by Genk Mayor, Wim Dries. The restoration of the listed building - once home to the Winterslag mine’s working ponies - has been a three year labour of love by Painting with Light founder and CEO Luc Peumans, working together with local architect Ruben Hermans. It also represents completion of the final element of Stage 1 of the wider C-Mine project - led by Genk City Council - to regenerate the site of the former mine which is right at the heart of Genk’s rich industrial heritage.

Says Luc, one of the best known show and lighting and multimedia designers in Benelux, “I was delighted with just how many people came to the event to share an incredibly proud moment in the company’s development and also a great personal landmark. It’s not just the opening of a new office we are starting a new chapter in Painting with Light’s history. The fact it’s also related to the overall C-MINE regeneration adds yet more resonance to the occasion so there are multiple exciting elements”.

For Luc, the new office project actually started in 2008 when he first acquired the building which he had always liked even when in a state of complete dereliction. The rebuilding and construction work was intense and started in 2011. The Paardenstallen now provides a cool, highly creative and contemporary workspace within which Painting with Light and two other companies - who sub-rent from Luc - can flourish plus attractive event and meeting spaces which are available for private hire.

The new office launch event was so popular with invitees that the one night that was originally planned had to be expanded to two, to accommodate over 500 guests who rocked-up to celebrate with Luc and his team of 11 full time staff. After a lively speech by Wim Dries and a Q&A session between Luc and TV presenter Cynthia Reekmans, guests were treated to a short video introducing Painting with Light and then a special visual show in the Paardenstallen Studio/event space, with lighting supplied by PRG EML and lasers from Laser Forum in the Netherlands. The laser show featured a special narrative incorporating the story of the building, culminating in the presentation of the new Painting with Light logo in 3D with its strap line “Your link to dazzle and shine”.

Luc founded the company in 1999 and has designed lighting, video and stage sets for some of the most imaginatively ambitious music, theatre and television productions across Benelux and internationally. More recently, Painting with Light has created a series of spectacular architectural and architainment visual designs. Plans for 2016 already include focussing on increasing the international workbase and the opening of a new office in the Middle East.

In addition to launching the new office, Painting with Light revealed their brand new corporate ID, including vibrant new logo and new look website

PR Lighting begleitet Glasperlenspiel

24/06/2015 - Rental News

Die deutsche Elektropop Band Glasperlenspiel supportete unlängst Helene Fischer und damit die momentan größte Stadiontournee Deutschlands. Mit dabei, der PR 5000 Beam, das stärkste Beam-Movinglight aus dem Hause PR Lighting. Aufgrund seiner Helligkeit setzt Michael Holstein von bewusst auf diesen lichtstarken Beam bei einer Event-Serie dieser Größe. Befeuert mit einem Philips MSR Gold 1500 W Fast-Fit Leuchtmittel, erfüllen die Beams die großen Anforderungen der Arenen in Deutschland.

Catherina Eich

24/06/2015 - Leute News

Neue Senior Projektmanagerin bei Stagg & Friends: Catherina Eich, 35, wechselt von der Agentur Ledavi, München, zu den Düsseldorfer Brand Experience-Experten. Ab sofort betreut sie wichtige Key-Kunden aus der Automobilbranche wie Volkswagen und Audi. Zudem führt Catherina Eich, die über 10 Jahre Berufserfahrung in der Marketing- und Eventbranche verfügt, ein eigenes Team, mit dem sie gemeinsam die strategische Beratung der Agenturkunden verstärken wird.

In ihrer neuen Position bringt Catherina Eich ihre Expertise in den Bereichen strategische und operative Kundenbetreuung, Markeninszenierung und -kommunikation in die Agentur ein. Zuletzt war Catherina Eich bei Ledavi – Agentur für emotional brand building als Director Business Administration und Prokuristin tätig. In ihrer siebenjährigen Aktivität für die Agentur betreute sie nationale und internationale Marken in allen Bereichen der strategischen Markeninszenierung. Zudem konzipierte und realisierte sie Events, Medialisierungs- und Erlebniskommunikationsmaßnahmen für Kunden wie Daimler AG, Mercedes-Benz Vertrieb Deutschland und die Deutsche Telekom. Davor arbeitete sie als selbstständige Beraterin für Sportmarketing & Sponsoring sowie als Kundenberaterin für die PR-Agentur SEA in Bonn.

Intel Extreme Masters - designed by Aram

23/06/2015 - Business News

Aram, Poland, was responsible for the design and technical production of largest gaming event in the world: ninth edition of the World Final of the Intel Extreme Masters and for the first time at this show Clay Paky Mythos played a significant rule in lighting at gaming show. For the second year in a row event was held in Katowice, this time was spread to two locations - Spodek and the newly built International Convention Centre. Event broke all records of audience and visitors. Soon we will know the official figures, but said more than 100 thousand of visitors and millions of unique visitors following the games online.

The event lasted for a total of four days, and Aram responsible for the design and its implementation: production, full logistics, executive oversight and implementation. "Our company has several years of producing events 'from design to effect', where we provide comprehensive solutions and technical site with full support in lighting, multimedia, design and sound. Our work began many months before the show", says Michael Mrzygłocki, "we were responsible for the execution of the set design of projects for all 3 stages." The project worked closely with both the client and the executors, among others, Jack Van Daniels.

The resulting total of three scenes, including an impressive main stage with total span of 60 m, located in Katowice Spodek. Two smaller scenes with a span of 12 m and 16 m respectively, and buildings for over 20 exhibition stands, which stood at the International Congress Center. Multitude of places that served by Aram and a huge amount of equipment that arrived in 16 trucks meant that this year's Intel Extreme Masters was a big logistical challenge. At the same stand was used in 1000 meters of trusses and countless number of elements of different types and over 400 LED devices such as wash and strip and illumination. On the two smaller stages were used nearly 70 different types of lighting fixtures, and among them heads such as the Varilite 3500S, Clay Paky Sharpy and Fourlight FL-600.

The design of the main stage in Katowice Spodek is based on a system of Layher, which was illuminated by many kinds of moving and led lights. Lighting devices include: Clay Paky Mythos, Varilite 3500S, Clay Paky Sharpy, Clay Paky Sharpy Wash, Clay Paky Alpha Spot 800 ST QWO, Fourlight FL-600, Robe Robin 1200 Four Light Blinders. The whole system was controlled by GrandMA 2 and the whole show was programmed and implemented by Wojtek "Koper" Koperski , which is already the second consecutive year he worked on behalf of this production.

Multimedia is primarily two huge projection screens 15,5 x 8,5 m everywhere projections were made using Barco projectors connected HDF Barco HDX W26 and W20, which gave a total brightness of almost 50 000 ANSI lumens. In the main stage were used LED Grid, Curve-8, Flex LED, LED screens from Fourlight - with a total area of ​​almost 200 sqm.

Over 250 Robe fixtures for 2015 Vendimia Festival

23/06/2015 - Business News

Robe moving lights were chosen to light the enormous stage and set that was the ‘central event’ for the 2015 Vendimia grape harvest festival at the Frank Romero Day Greek Theatre in Mendoza, Argentina. The Robes - delivered to the event by Tecnica Vidal with the assistance of OVA Iluminacion and Prisma Luces - included 12 BMFL Spots, 66 MMX Spots, 12 Color Beam 2500E ATs, 14 MMX Wash Beam, 66 Pointes, 56 LED Wash 600s, 24 LED Wash 1200s, 40 City Flex 48s, 60 LED Force, 18 LED PARs and four City Skape Xtremes.

These, together with some 526 conventional lights and 6 follow spots were deployed all over the massive stage -designed by Alejandro Rodriguez - comprising nine different areas, including one water stage. Trussing superstructure was hung on a huge crane - with a 65 metre reach arm, and all lights on the rig were controlled via Lumen Radio wireless DMX data links - an option that comes as ‘standard’ on many of Robe’s latest Robin series fixtures.

The BMFL Spots were positioned along the front line of the central stages. The position was chosen so the units could be utilized for powerful back lighting for the stage where all the international artists performed, and project onto the walls behind. The stage set reflected the local landscape and was inspired by the concept that the environment is in a constant state of flux and change, especially throughout the grape growing cycle. The challenges for the lighting scheme included sometimes having to illuminate up to 1000 performers at any one time - including musicians, dancers, singers, chorus members, etc. - for some elements of the daily and nightly entertainment across the 4 action-packed days of celebrations, which were attended by more than 100.000 revellers.

In addition to the central show, each night was dedicated to a specific musical genre and rhythm - romantic melodic was played by Axel, national Rock‘n’Roll from Ciro & Los Persas, bachata by Romeo Santos and La Mosca tse tse pumped up the volume with ska. To highlight all the different styles, the lighting needed to have enough scope for each headlining artist had to have their own unique, fabulous and different looking show. All the main artists brought their own lighting designers, and it proved the first time that any of them had used Robe’s BMFL Spot in a live context.

Photos: Daniel Lema

Elation ntroduces Emotion Moving Head Digital Light

23/06/2015 - Business News

Elation Professional is pleased to announce launch of the Emotion, a unique digital moving light that marks the company’s entry into the digital lighting market. A joint project between Elation Professional and High End Systems, the Emotion is a compact yet powerful moving head digital luminaire that brings to the market the latest in next generation digital lighting technology, pioneered and proven by High End Systems.

The Emotion is a plug and play DMX moving light just like a traditional moving light yet houses an on-board media server. Think of it as a moving light with 100s of digital gobo patterns and animation effects with a projection quality that allows for use in a wide range of professional stage, studio, theatrical, club and event applications.

This next generation moving head digital lighthouses a built-in content library that includes the entire Elation gobo catalog with royalty-free digital art videos, gobos and animations ideal for scenic or aerial projection effects. Imagine no more expensive custom gobos for corporate customers but instead high-resolution full color logos with intricate detail and unlimited branding capabilities for sponsorship promotions. Ideal for the corporate AV market, the Emotion can fill many of the needs of corporate presentations or can simply be used as a flexible lighting fixture in any rig.

The Emotion's integrated media server requires only 30 channels of DMX control per fixture while still allowing foreffects manipulation, pan/tilt control,and complete blackout and dimming via DMX using the integrated mechanical shutter. Users can easily program the fixture like any other moving light to control gobo rotation, CMY color mixing and more.

Each of two onboard layers includes 255 built-in, royalty-free, stock content media libraries. Users can manipulate each layer by adding up to 40 different live effects to videos or 28 different transition effects between layers. These include gobo rotation effects, color effects for images and backgrounds. An included Collage Generator allows multiple fixtures (2-16) to create an array of seamless projections with on-the-fly variable edge blending for flawless transitions. The collage of graphics can be sized to a given screen or projection surface.

In addition to content on board the internal 64GB solid-state hard drive, users can easily upload custom user content via a network connection via a CMA application. The Emotion can also link via Art-Net and CITP network protocols to view images on a lighting console for easy programming. It integrates seamlessly with the Hedge Hog 4 console, also offered by Elation.

With a fully expanded color-mixing system producing over one billion colors via a special 6-wheel system, the fixture also provides a very high contrast ratio and extremely flat field of light. The Emotion features a high power 240 W Osram discharge lamp, delivering up to 4.000 ANSI lumens at 3000 hours of lamp life with an XGA video output resolution of 1024 x 768 via the industry-standard Texas Instruments DLP / DMD chip.

CUK Audio confirms First UK X8 sale to Mungo’s Hi Fi

23/06/2015 - Business News

Reggae and bass music specialists, Mungo's Hi Fi, have become the latest company to invest in Powersoft’s K Series and X Seriestechnology. Based in Glasgow, they made the short journey over the River Clyde to the home of the manufacturer’s UK and Ireland distributor, CUK Audio to place the order - and CUK Audio General Manager, Stuart Cunningham, confirmed that the sale of two X8s had represented the first of this game-changing product in the UK.

This powerful 8-channel switching mode amplifier (with PFC) innovates the concept of amplifier platform: it implements a new system of channel routing, new worldwide universally compatible single phase, bi-phase, or three phase power supply and a revolutionary full featured DSP. X Series also supports AES3, two redundant Dante by Audinate digital streams and analogue inputs, providing up to four different selectable input sources per channel.

The system is driven five way, with the X8 assigned to the stereo mid-top enclosures, some of them customised Void Acoustics boxes, and the K20 to the subwoofers. With the summer festival season approaching, Mungo’s Hi Fi will be taking their new Powersoft amps far and wide, including Dimensions/Outlook Festival in Croatia, United Nations of Dub Weekenders (UNOD) in Wales, Dub Camp Festival in France, Uprising Festival in Slovakia and once again the Blues Stage at Glastonbury in the Silver Hayes dance area - designed as a shanty town stage, where they will again work in close proximity to CUK Audio, whom they praise for the support they have provided.

BMFL Spots help Barry Manilow say farewell in grand style

23/06/2015 - Business News

Barry Manilow just finished a memorable and extensive ‘Farewell’ US tour for which Creative Director Seth Jackson specified 12 x Robe BMFL Spots as part of an elegant and stylish design to help ensure the legendary artist exits an incredible performance career on a high note.

Manilow, one of the most prolific and successful singer/songwriters and producers in the world with over 80 million records sold, is also among the best-selling artists of all time, and responsible for classics like ‘Mandy’, ‘I Can’t Smile Without You’, ‘Copacabana’ and numerous others is also celebrating 40 years at the top in show business. Seth has enjoyed a long-standing working relationship with the artist dating back to 1998 when he started as a ‘fill-in guy’. Over that remarkable 27 years, he’s also taken on the lighting, set and production designer roles, and has enjoyed the various challenges of creating fresh and invigorating performance environments each time.

Seth has used Robe products in other projects over the last couple of years - including Selena Gomez’s acclaimed ‘Stars Dance’ extravaganza - and this was his first chance to spec BMFL Spots. Knowing the tour was approaching, he ‘auditioned’ 10 BMFL Spots during the Austin City Limits Music Festival towards the end of 2014 and was “Immediately sold” on using them. The tour design does not feature a ‘big lightshow’ look as they wanted to avoid all the clichés of a ‘rock concert’. Instead they chose a sumptuous theatre-referenced look, with lots of red velour draping, warm wood trims and the trusses completely concealed.

The BMFL Spots are the only hard-edged fixture on the rig and are positioned on the overhead trusses and used from the front to wash the stage area and from further back as down and rear lighters. They cover multiple needs from general color washes to gobo texturing to animation effects. Seth and lighting director/programmer Nathan Alves worked very closely with video content producer Brent Sandrock to ensure they meticulously crafted an intelligent and thought-through big visual picture with a lot of impact, harmony and continuity to support Manilow’s massive charisma onstage. In addition to the BMFL Spots, there are also 10 of Robe’s little LED Beam 100s on the floor, used for punchy beam effects to help fill out the larger effects. 10 Robin CycFX 8s are positioned upstage to color the soft goods and scenic elements. 36 Anolis ArcDots are used to line the center stage runway which allows Manilow to get right in amongst his fans. These were selected after a discussion with the artist in relation to his current ‘Dream Duets’ album, as he decided to perform his dream duet with Judy Garland. They had TV footage of her on a runway lined with lights, so this was added in to the touring set. Seth needed a suitable, durable and tourable light, to replicate the effect and when he saw the ArcDots on a visit to Robe Lighting’s Florida headquarters he found his solution.

The most difficult element of lighting this tour has been preparing for the vast back catalogue of music available for Manilow to play onstage. The artist himself is integrally involved in every aspect of the process of developing the show’s concepts and technical elements and always has the highest expectations from everyone on the creative team. Nathan is running the lighting from a grandMA2 ultra light console and the equipment is being supplied by Bandit Lites, crewed by Jeff Archibech and Carter Harris. Bandit and Seth have enjoyed a great working relationship since 1998 and the Tennessee based rental company first provided lighting for Manilow in 1999. This tour is project managed for Bandit by Michal Golden: “We’ve had the privilege and pleasure of working with some outstanding industry professionals in our years of supporting Barry Manilow’s live work, which – apart from Seth - includes Production Manager Sacha Bambadji and Tour Manager Adam Kief.”

Photos: Brent Sandrock

Atmospheric effects for UC Irvine Production

23/06/2015 - Business News

University of California, Irvine’s (UCI) Claire Trevor School of the Arts presented 'The Electra Project', famed Romanian director Mihai Maniutiu’s reimagining of the classic Electra story. This stunning and avant-garde piece followed Maniutiu’s minimalist style, using very little scenery to create a provocative production. Under Maniutiu’s direction, Lighting Designer Martha Carter and Scenic Designer Morgan Price brought this story to life. Carter used Martin Professional’s atmospheric effects to play on the audience’s emotions as the titular character battles through her story. They used UCI’s existing JEM Glaciator X-Stream and paired it with a JEM Ready 365 hazer which Martin loaned to the students to help fill out their production.

The initial planning started with only a 15-page script and notes from Maniutiu to have minimal scenery. While Carter and Price had their work cut out, they kept the set simple, only creating a giant pendulum for the background. With just one major piece of scenery, they had to look to other techniques to fill out their stage and bring the audience into a world Maniutiu described as “being everywhere and nowhere” with an ethereal feel. The lighting needed to create shadows, but the setting still needed to be filled out. Carter decided to use low fog and haze effects to create the mood the director wanted.

“In the end, the fog and haze really came together to create another character on stage. It became the anger and frustration behind Electra’s struggles,” said Carter. “We used the atmospheric effects during key parts of the play where there was a feeling of depression or strength which helped emphasize the stillness we tried to create in other moments without the fog. This contrast really helped pull the audience into Electra’s world and to feel what she felt in those specific moments.”

Like other before them, the team had to learn the optimal conditions for atmospheric effects. First, the conditions within their theater caused the fog to be pulled stage right on some days and then stage left on other days. In the end, Carter and her team were able to make the best of their theater’s quirks by making the fog seem like it was originating from behind the pendulum. They also had issues with a wet deck due to the low lying fog effect. The solution was to lower the intensity of the fog and increase the density. They also only used the fog during key moments, which added to its dramatic effect while allowing for safer conditions.

Students at UCI made up most of the team involved with the production including the actors and designers. For them, it was an opportunity to learn tips from the Martin team on how to overcome some of the challenges that come with atmospheric effects. They were also delighted to be able to use one of the latest Martin products, the JEM Ready 365 hazer. For Carter, being trusted with the latest equipment was something unexpected, but something she felt enhanced the production immensely.

Mihai Maniutiu: Director
Martha Carter: Lighting Designer
Morgan Price: Scenic Designer
Brian Svoboda: Sound Designer
Julie Carr: Costume Designer
Joe Forehand: Lighting Supervisor

photos: Joseph Forehand

"Hands On Recording" in Trossingen

23/06/2015 - Termine News

Vom 26. bis zum 28. Juni 2015 findet der einzige "Hands on Recording-Workshop" in diesem Jahr vom Veranstalter Audio-Workshop, Waldorf, statt. "Wer kurzfristig Zeit hat und zudem eine Menge zur richtigen Mikrofonierung und Aufnahme von Instrumenten lernen möchte, der ist hier genau richtig", heißt es seitens des Veranstalters und weiter:
"Bei diesem Workshop geht es darum, Mikrofone auszusuchen, zu positionieren, zu vergleichen und eine komplette Band aufzunehmen. Mehr Praxis zum Thema Recording kann man in so kurzer Zeit kaum erleben und das auch noch in der traumhaften Atmosphäre der Bundesakademie Trossingen mit ihrer riesigen Auswahl an Instrumenten aller Art."

Metallica FOH „Big Mick“ Hughes zu Gast bei Mixing Webinar

23/06/2015 - Termine News

Der legendäre FOH Engineer „Big Mick“ Hughes, der in den letzten drei Jahrzehnten mehr als 1500 Metallica Shows gemixt hat, wird bei Meyer Sounds Mixing Workshop Webinar-Reihe zu Gast sein. Moderator und Gastgeber ist Buford Jones, selbst ein legendäres Urgestein der Zunft. In diesem Webinar wird Hughes von seinen Erfahrungen bei der Arbeit mit Metallica, die Entstehung seiner Arbeitsweise und seine Vorgehensweise bei der Materialauswahl von Mikrofon und Pult bis hin zum Lautsprecher berichten. Dabei stellt sich „Big Mick“ auch den Fragen der Teilnehmer.

Geboren im englischen Birmingham lernte Hughes sein Handwerk in der blühenden Rock Szene der Midlands und arbeitete für UB40, Dennis Brown und Yellowman. Nach einer Tour mit der Wave-Band „The Arnoury Show“ wurde er gefragt, ob er Metallica mixen wollte, die damals gerade frisch als Newcomer unter Vertrag genommen worden waren. Wenn er nicht mit Metallica unterwegs war, mixte „Big Mick“ Konzerte von Ozzy Osborne, Def Leppard, Queens of the Stone Age, Steve Vai und vielen anderen.

Buford Jones ist für Meyer Sounds weltweites Education Programm unterwegs und teilt sein Wissen aus einer über 40-jährigen Karriere als FOH Engineer in Seminaren und Online Mixing Workshops. Zu Buford Jones beeindruckenden Credits zählen Pink Floyd, Eric Clapton, Stevie Wonder, Prince und David Bowie.

Der Zeitplan: 1. und 2. Juli jeweils: 7 Uhr Pacific Time / 16 Uhr MESZ; 10 Uhr Pacific Time / 19 Uhr MESZ

Kostenlose Anmeldung zum Webinar unter

LMP College veröffentlicht Sommertermine 2015

23/06/2015 - Termine News

Das LMP College, die LMP-eigene Institution für den Know-how-Transfer von Produkten und Technologien der Veranstaltungstechnik, hat die aktuellen Sommertermine vorgestellt. Am 30. Juni 2015 findet zunächst der Hog 4 You Workshop statt, der einen Einblick in die Vielfalt der Hog 4 Familie ermöglicht. Dafür werden die Teilnehmer anhand von Demo-Konsolen durch die gesamte Hog-Produktpalette geführt und mit den Key-Features der Produkte vertraut gemacht. Im zweiten Teil des Hog 4 You Workshops geht es dann um die grundlegenden Funktionen des Hog 4 OS und die Basics der Hog 4 Programmierung. Referent ist Marcel Vranken, Hog Produktmanager bei LMP. Die Teilnahme ist kostenlos, eine Anmeldung erforderlich.

Für den 21. Juli ist ein Hog 4 Beginners Training geplant. Dabei handelt es sich um ein Tagesseminar, das die grundlegenden Funktionen und Möglichkeiten der Hog 4 Umgebung thematisiert und einen Einblick in die wichtigsten Schritte einer Showprogrammierung gewährt. Die dafür notwendige Arbeitsumgebung mit verschiedenen Pulten der Hog 4 Reihe steht für jeden Teilnehmer zu Verfügung. Mit Hilfe der Visualisierungssoftware Lightconverse können die erzielten Ergebnisse direkt kontrolliert werden.

Das Angebot richtet sich in erster Linie an Nutzer eines Pultes aus der Hog 4 Range beziehungsweise an alle Nutzer, die in Zukunft an einer Hog arbeiten wollen. Die Trainingsgebühr beträgt 99,- Euro pro Teilnehmer. Darin enthalten sind Unterlagen, Verpflegung sowie eine komplette Arbeitsumgebung für den Tag. Das Training ist auf fünf Teilnehmer begrenzt.

Aufgrund der vielen Nachfragen zu den ersten beiden Terminen des Jahres bietet LMP im Oktober einen weiteren Termin für die Sachverständigenprüfung von Traversenliften an. Die regelmäßige Prüfung von Liften in der professionellen Veranstaltungstechnik ist verpflichtend. Neben der Sichtprüfung, die vor jedem Einsatz zu erfolgen hat, gibt es gesetzliche Fristen, die in der BGV C1 geregelt sind. Jeder Lift muss demnach einmal im Jahr von einem Sachkundigen komplett geprüft werden. Zudem empfehlen die meisten Hersteller einen gleichzeitigen Austausch der Verschleißteile wie dem Stahlseil, der bei dieser Gelegenheit in der LMP Servicewerkstatt erfolgt.

Nach spätestens vier Jahren steht die Prüfung durch einen ermächtigten Sachverständigen an. Alle Prüfungen sind ausführlich im Prüfbuch zu dokumentieren, welches auf Verlangen vorzulegen ist. Diese Prüfung findet am 15. Oktober 2015 bei LMP statt. Die jährliche Sachkundigenprüfung wird weiterhin täglich vorgenommen.

19. Juni - ein denkwürdiger Tag

22/06/2015 - Business News

Ein satirischer Kommentar von Matthias Fehr (APWPT)

Das hatten wir lange Zeit nicht mehr - alle stoßen gemeinsam auf ein gesellschaftliches Ereignis an - den Abschluss der Versteigerung der Mobilfunkfrequenzen. Soviel Konsens muss einen ehrenvollen Platz in den Geschichtsbüchern finden.

Wir erinnern uns: Das durch die Politik in der Öffentlichkeit publizierte Ziel der Versteigerung ist landesweit eine Datenrate von mindestens 50 MBit/s. Außerdem mussten die 700 MHz-Frequenzen versteigert werden, um ausreichend Geld für die Breitbandförderung zu erhalten.

Prost - alles wird gut!

Der BNetzA-Präsident sagte bereits zur Eröffnung des Verfahrens: "Bei dem Thema geht es letztlich um den Rohstoff für die digitale Zukunft Deutschlands". Ein Multimedia-Experte brachte es auf den Punkt: „Die Existenz der Mobilfunkanbieter hängt am Erwerb der neuen Frequenzen... Außerdem bestehe Hoffnung, dass schnelles mobiles Internet künftig auch auf dem "platten Land" verfügbar werde.“

Dann wurden 181 Versteigerungsrunden durchgeführt. Am Ende haben die Mobilfunkunternehmen einstimmig hervorgehoben, dass es gelungen sei die strategischen Unternehmensziele durchzusetzen.

Prost - alles ist gut!

Jetzt kommt also schnelles Internet auf das Land, und die Behörde sorgt mit ihren Auflagen dafür? Vielleicht nicht ganz, denn im Gegensatz zum politisch formulierten Anliegen fordert die Behörde nur 10 MBit/s. Das ist allerdings schon jetzt ohne LTE oder 700 MHz erreichbar, wenn in allen Regionen endlich UMTS oder besser noch HSDPA+ richtig funktionieren und damit Smartphones und Tablets schnellen Internetzugang bekommen.

Wir werden etwas nervös und recherchieren weiter im Internet.

Die österreichische Futurezone schreibt: „Bei der Auktion ging es für die drei Netzbetreiber um alles oder nichts. Frequenzen sind ein knappes Gut und deshalb teuer. Die Verteilung liegt in der Hand des Bundes, der die Nutzungsrechte in der Regel für etwa zwei Jahrzehnte an die Meistbietenden versteigert und auch die Einnahmen einstreicht. Versteigert wurden (…) vor allem die so genannten GSM-Bänder, auf denen seit Anfang der 90er Jahre telefoniert wird. Die Lizenzen für diese 900- und 1800-Megahertz-Frequenzen laufen Ende 2016 aus. Einen Teil der Auktionserlöse stecken Bund und Länder in den Breitbandausbau.“

Stopp - hier muss man offenbar etwas genauer nachlesen:

Die Mobilfunkunternehmen haben sich in der Hauptsache für die Weiternutzung ihrer bestehenden Frequenzen engagiert. Insbesondere der 1800 MHz-Bereich (nahezu weltweit in Mobilfunknetzen nutzbar) erzielte 47 % der Einnahmen, gefolgt von knapp 27 % für 900 MHz. Alle drei Mobilfunkunternehmen bedienen jetzt also 1800 MHz und ein Unternehmen konnte sogar seine nutzbare Bandbreite erhöhen. Dieser Frequenzbereich wird in den nächsten Jahren offenbar der Schwerpunkt für schnelle Mobilfunknetzwerke bleiben.

Für 700 MHz wurden nicht einmal 20 % geboten, also deutlich weniger als für die Weiternutzung der alten GSM-Frequenzen. Knapp 6,5 % offenbaren kaum Mobilfunkinteresse für 1500 MHz - trotzdem sind auch diese Frequenzen versteigert. Hier wurde offenbar das Tafelsilber für viele Jahre verschenkt.


Wie war das mit 700 MHz? Die Bundesländer hatten im Dezember 2014 der Versteigerung zugestimmt, nachdem der Bund 50 % der Einnahmen zugesagt hatte. Schätzen wir gemeinsam: Abzüglich Umrüstungskosten für Rundfunksender und einer „Entschädigung“ für Mikrofonanwender, die beide den 700 MHz-Bereich verlassen müssen und der 50/50 Teilung zwischen Bund und Ländern verbleibt - nach unserer Schätzung - höchstens ein Betrag von 450 Mio. Euro. Dieser wird über den „Königsteiner Schlüssel“ auf die Bundesländer aufgeteilt. So verbleiben - nach unserer Schätzung - für das Saarland vermutlich 5,5 Mio. Euro, für andere Bundesländer allerdings bis zu 95 Mio. Euro.

Nochmal Prost!

Jetzt darf spekuliert werden. Wie werden die Bundesländer diese Summen verwenden? Wir erinnern uns, dass der notwendige Aufwand für schnelles Breitband mit mehr als 20 Milliarden Euro geschätzt wurde (TÜV im Auftrag des BMWi 2013-14). In Internetforen lesen wir die Vermutung, dass die Beträge an die Mobilfunkunternehmen zurück fließen könnten und diese zusätzlich die aufgebrachte Versteigerungssumme steuersenkend abschreiben…

Wir bekommen jetzt doch langsam einen Kater!

Kein Internet-Thema ist offenbar die Auswirkung der Versteigerung auf die bestehende Frequenznutzung der drahtlosen Mikrofone. Auf deren Anwender kommen nach der 800 MHz-Versteigerung erneut erhebliche Kosten zu. Ein Verfahren zur „Entschädigung“ sollte Ende Mai veröffentlicht werden und ist immer noch in Bearbeitung - jetzt in der Sommerpause?

Noch existieren wenige Frequenzbereiche für drahtlose Mikrofone - die Situation wird allerdings kritisch. 700 und 1500 MHz wurden eben versteigert, 1492-1518 MHz sollen im Rahmen der nächsten Weltfunkkonferenz an den Mobilfunk gehen. Im Rahmen der Verfügung Nr. 19/2015 wurde die bestehende 700 MHz-Nutzung für drahtlose Mikrofone mit einer Fußnote versehen. Fußnoten haben leider oft den Charme, dass sie bestehende Regelungen höchst selten verbessern. Zur Erinnerung: 60 MHz wurden gerade an den Mobilfunk versteigert. Den Rest haben Bundesregierung und Bundesländer im Dezember 2014 für eine Militär- und Behördennutzung vereinbart. Die Fußnote öffnet nunmehr diese Anwendung - jedoch ohne eine Alternative für Mikrofone aufzuzeigen.

Hier endet die Satire und wir sind zurück in der Realität: Unsere wiederholte Frage nach Planungssicherheit wird für keinen Frequenzbereich beantwortet.

Matthias Fehr, Präsident APWPT
Hinweise und Kommentare bitte an:

Adlib provides sound for The Script

22/06/2015 - Business News

In a busy year where some seriously talented and influential artists are hitting the road, Adlib was chosen to be audio supplier for The Script’s new "No Sound Without Silence" world tour which has kicked off in the UK and Europe in great style.

It’s the fourth album campaign on which the Liverpool based company has worked with the popular Irish rock band, alongside production manager Bob O’Brien and tour manager Quinner, supplying another great sounding audio system and an A-Team crew to work with engineers Richy Nicholson (FOH) and Paul ‘Mini’ Moore on monitors. Adlib’s crew is led by Crew Chief Marc Peers, who is also co-ordinating Monitor World, with Tony Szabo KSE as the systems engineer, charged with the dextrous task of fine tuning a perfect system every day whatever the venue or surroundings, delivering continuity and sonic confidence to Richy’s rich animated mix. They are joined by Adlib’s Michael Flaherty and Simon Lawson.

The system is L-Acoustics, with main hangs of 14 x K1 speakers a side with 4 Kara-downs, with 8 x K1SB subs flown directly upstage to give that rock solid studio monitor like punch to the low end. These are augmented with side hangs of 12 x K2 a side with upstage hangs of 9 x Kara per side. On the ground, full advantage is taken of the curved stage front to facilitate an innovative sub bass configuration comprising 19 x SB28s which ensures that a very even sub low rumble is distributed throughout the venue. Two stacks of three SB28s running in cardioid mode are positioned either side at the front of the curved stage centre. Approximately four metres offstage from these - along the front of the stage - are another two stacks per side of three-high SB28s running in standard mode. The 19th sub cabinet is positioned dead centre under the stage, pointing backwards to reduce the rattling of the folding stage system. Strapped on top of the far offstage sub stacks are two Kara outfiills and on top of the onstage sub stacks are four ARCS2 speakers to provide additional fill. Clamped right to the centre of the stage itself are a further two Kara for centre fill.

Beneath the B Stage – which is 10ft high and located behind the FOH position - speakers are hidden under the stage to fill an ‘audio void’ for the parts of the show when the space around the B Stage gets filled up with fans wanting to get up close to the band. The system is powered throughout by L-Acoustics LA8 amps running AES, with a standard Adlib Lake rack for system processing, running Dante over fibre.

Richy’s console of choice for this tour is the Digico SD7. He started using it when they opened for One Republic in the US at the beginning of the year, after which it was added to his spec. Adlib is supplying an SD11 that was originally for the opening act, but is now for backup as the openers are also using his SD7. All the inputs are run via a Digico SD rack and two additional 16 channel Digico SD-Nano racks - the latter handles all the B Stage inputs. An Apogee Big Ben clocks the Digico Optocore system and Lake systems, everything running on Dante and the L-Acoustic LA8 amps, all of which are synchronised and running at 96 kHz.

One of the biggest challenges is the fact that all the technical elements - rigging, stage, set, lighting, video and audio - making up this ambitious and highly visual production fit together like a giant jigsaw. So all parts of the production are constructed/wired up in other parts of the venue and then guided into the rolling-riser based stage masterplan according to key timeslots when they are ready to be physically moved into place. To ensure that all their get-in time is efficiently utilized, Adlib’s crew has devised ways to ensure their get-in work flows continuously, even while they might waiting for a slot e.g. the monitors are all cabled up on the arena floor and then rolled into position, with the set pieces all ready to go in behind.

Marc Peers – working on this third Script tour - comments that most of the crew have been with the band for a long time, so it’s like reuniting with familiar friends again. Mini uses a Soundcraft Vi6 console & Sennheiser 2000 series microphones. The band have their own Sennheiser IEM systems for this tour, which are “Great, reliable and by far the best radio systems currently available,” states Marc. There are eight IEM mixes for the band, drummer Glen Power has an Adlib MP4 sub behind him and there are four L-Acoustic SB28s dotted along the back of stage for atmosphere and air movement. Mini is utilising all the Vi6s on-board effects & dynamics, so his side-stage footprint is extremely expedient, with just the console and a rack of IEMs.

Marc and Tony both comment that everyone on the tour – band and crew - are “Top notch” and great to work with. They are looking forward to a busy summer with lots of fabulous show-stopping performances ahead.
Adlib Director & account handler Dave Jones said “we have been lucky to work with such a great team of people around the band, it definitely has a unique family vibe on tour. The band & their live show itself has grown so much over the years, it is a real pleasure to be involved.”

Altinex: Dual AC power with hybrid video input capability

22/06/2015 - Business News

Altinex, a leading manufacturer of Signal Management Solutions, is pleased to announce the new TNP328 / TNP328S Tilt ‘N Plug compact hybrid interconnect boxes. Available in both matte black (TNP328) and clear brushed aluminum (TNP328S) finishes, the TNP328 and TNP328S interconnect boxes offer convenient, one touch access to dual 12 Amp AC power receptacles, both HDMI and VGA video inputs, an RJ-45 network connector, and a 3.5 mm audio input jack. A customizable version is also available.

As an easy-to-use tabletop connection device, the TNP328 and TNP328S are functional tools for accessing conventional AC power outlets for the purpose of powering, for example, a notebook PC. With its hybrid video input facilities - HDMI (digital) / VGA (analog) - these sharp looking interconnect units make it a snap to connect one’s laptop computer into any meeting room’s AV presentation system. The 3.5 mm audio input jack makes it easy to output computer audio to the house loudspeaker system and the integrated RJ-45 network port makes accessing the Internet, printers, and more quick and easy.

The input plate of the TNP328 / TNP328S is accessed by pushing down on the top cover. The unit then auto-tilts open with assistance from an internal pneumatic spring. Once open, the input plate remains securely in place. The input plate is hidden, or closed, by pressing down on the top cover until the latching mechanism engages. In its closed position, the top panel lies flush with the table's top, held in place by the latching mechanism. This secure fit also means less chance for paperwork to catch the TNP328’s edges when being passed across a table - so documents remain clean and professional in appearance.

The Altinex interconnect boxes are in stock and available now. The units’ passive cables are 6 feet long and are bundled together for organized cable management. The power cable is split to deliver power to both outlets on the tabletop from a single AC plug.

Elation Cuepix Light Cubes highlight Colbie Caillat's “Gypsy Heart” tour

22/06/2015 - Business News

Grammy Award-winning singer Colbie Caillat toured the U.S. in 2014 beneath a highly original lighting design that featured high-power Elation Cuepix Panel LED matrix blinders fabricated intoeye-catching sceniclight cubes.

Built by Steelfab LLC of Denver,“who did a fantastic job” Paul says, each cube consisted of six Elation Cuepix Panels mounted in a steel frame. Powered by advanced Chip On Board (COB) LED technology, each Cuepix Panel measures 21.6” x 21.6” square and is made up of 5 x 5 30-watt RGB LEDs with individual pixel controlwhich makemore creative effects possible, as well as letter and number projections. Capable of emitting a full spectrum of colors, the light cubes were designed by Pulse Lighting’s Michael Cummings, who also handled set design for the tour.

Lighting design for the “Gypsy Heart” tour was by Kenneth Gribbon of Pulse Lighting, a design that originally had six cubes hung in a gentle arc over the set. At one point in the design the light cubes were used only to project warm white but as the design progressed Colbie Caillat preferred a full color solution and the total number was cut to five cubes. “We started the tour by hanging all five but on the first or second stop we started hanging three and putting two on the downstage floor left and right, which Ryan Bishop and Colbie decided they liked best,” Paul comments.

Working closely with Tour Manager Ryan Bishop, Pulse Lighting handledall lighting aspects of the tour, including lighting design, lighting direction and equipment supply. “We provided the complete visual package, working on aesthetic concepts and ideas directly with the artist – all the way down to the cables and screws that make it all work,” Paul concludes.

Tour Manager: Ryan Bishop
Tour Supplier: Paul Hoffman, Owner, Pulse Lighting
Cube and Set Design: Michael Cummings, Pulse Lighting
Lighting Designer: Kenneth Gribbon, Pulse Lighting
Rental Inquiries: Paul Hoffman,

Morrissey is some of HSL’s business

22/06/2015 - Business News

One of the most successful - and sometimes controversial - British contemporary artists known for his compelling lyrics, characteristic quiff, dynamic live performances and enthusiastic support of vegetarianism and ‘animal protectionism’, all ingredients for supplying lighting & visuals designer Max Conwell, who has worked with him for 11 years, making him one of the longest serving members of Mozza's touring crew.

Without the constraints of management or record company, Morrissey tours and performs prolifically without being tied in to any album cycles and other more conventional commercial considerations. This means that his touring work has to be cost-efficient and self-supporting. Things like truck size is an important factor, onstage visual elements have to work hard and be multi-purpose and he challenges his technical team to be constantly imaginative and to deliver the best production values. He takes an active interest in the look, sound and feel of his stage presentation, and has built an honest and heartfelt rapport with a loyal worldwide fanbase.

Since 2014, Max has turned to one of UK's leading lighting and visuals rental company HSL from Blackburn to supply all his touring lighting. His current tour HSL Project Manager is Sean McGlone who comments, "Max always creates a fabulous looking and inspiring show for Morrissey that's both entertaining and cerebral – like the artist".

The video element of the live show has been building for the last three years and is currently based around a large upstage projection screen showing a variety of footage through the set. Much of this is iconic and people orientated and sometimes it takes a darker turn like the extremely graphic and shocking footage for the classic anti-meat anthem “Meat is Murder. With venues required to run completely vegetarian for the night, Morrissey pulls no punches about why he advocates a meat free diet.

The video is projected via two Panasonic 20K projectors converged using the on-board facilities, all running through Max's own Hippotizer media server. Once the main parameters of the video were established, Max started on the lighting plot which filled in and around the screen complimenting and contrasting. It was important to keep the screen clear at all times, so Max chose a double layer of lights on upstage stands which fitted in underneath the bottom of the screen which was framed above by lighting hanging off the three gently curving trusses. The overhead trusses were combined with side trusses which meant the design effectively wrapped the lights around the band in a quirky style. “The whole ethos is about creating an appropriate environment for the music with the lighting and visuals,” explained Max.

There was no front truss, so with the band performing primarily upstage, they were front lit tidily and well from the two side trusses. The advantage of this aesthetic - especially when they get to the many classic US theatres with attractive architecture that are always on their itinerary - is that no unsightly or rude lumps of metal have to be flown in the middle of the room that ruin the site-lines. Eight upstage floor-based towers - which will form the core of this summer’s festival package - were front-clad with 32 panels of Gold Pix 77 LED surface, a custom product designed by HSL comprising 500 x 500 mm panels populated with a 7 x 7 matrix of warm white LEDs. These have very narrow beam optics making them incredibly light yet robustly built and ideal for touring and making a high visual impact. The panels can be mapped and used to create solid blocks of colour or for a wide variety of funky fluid effects - with Max taking equal advantage of both contexts.

35 Varilite VL3500 Washes fitted with fresnel lenses were the bulk of the moving lights and the main workhorses of the rig. 26 Clay Paky Sharpies contributed to most of the high-impact effect looks and scenes, while Robe LED Wash 600s, on top of the eight towers, reinforced the strong back-light and combined with LED Wash1200s positioned on the most downstage truss that were the main band keys. The side trusses featured another six (total) Varilite 3500 Washes. Three follow spots were used, two from the front with CTO filters in most of the time to keep the tungsten continuity, flipped over to contrasting CTB for a couple of numbers, and there was also a rear truss spot, used at strategic moments to define Morrissey’s highly distinctive profile.

8 Svoboda battens were spread around the trusses utilised in one song, and a liberal splattering of Philips Nitro strobes included eight deployed on the floor and 15 over the three curved trusses, kicking into the audience and drawing them into the show - a performance trait at which Morrissey excels. One of Max’s logistical challenges is the constantly changing set list - and with such a massive and diverse back catalogue to choose from, spanning the short and productive Smiths era and Mozza’s own highly successful solo career, Max always has a substantial amount programmed into his Road Hog 4 console.

Joining him from HSL on the most recent full UK leg were Ian and Charlotte Stevens, Jake Jevons, Stuart Wright and Richard Jarvis. Morrissey will play festivals throughout the summer and a U.S and Latin American tour are both on the cards for later in the year.

Robe Lights legendary Karel Gott

22/06/2015 - Business News

Karel Gott is the best known and most successful ever Czech singer. His incredible career spans over 50 years and has been highly innovative, spawned numerous international hits, selling millions of records, earning multiple awards plus a devoted following as well as having to embrace political expediency during the years of (then) Czechoslovakia’s Communist years and under occupation by the USSR.

He arranged a massive farewell tour in 1990, which was such a huge success that he decided to continue his musical career to the delight of his fans both in the Czech Republic, Germany, the many other ex-Soviet Bloc countries where he also has a huge following as well as his international fan-base. He has also become an accomplished painter.
Robe participated in Karel Gott’s latest arena tour at the end of 2014 which featured eight high profile concerts, five in the Czech Republic and three in Slovakia, culminating in two performances at the 18,000 seater O2 Arena in Gott’s hometown of Prague - all completely sold out.

The size of the shows and the venues meant the tour was an opportunity for Robe’s new BMFL Spot moving light to show off its moves, and Lighting Designer Martin Hruska - working on his first Karel Gott tour - incorporated four of these on the rig, together with 31 Pointes, 16 Robe MMX Spots, 19 LED Wash 1200s, 10 CycFX 8s and 8 600E Beams - all from Robe’s Robin series of moving lights.

These and all the other lighting equipment was supplied by leading Czech rental company Audioblue from Cesky Brod. The company is owned by Tomáš Barták and has invested steadily in Robe products in recent years. For the tour, the BMFLs were placed on the top of the front truss and were used for beaming around the audience, drawing them into the performance. The Pointes were rigged on the back truss and on the stage deck where they made high-impact beam effects, especially using the prisms.

The LEDWashes were on the back truss and also placed around the large LED screens onstage where they bathed the stage, set and band in many colours and a good quality of light, highlighting the band and also filling in the back-of-shot space for the IMAG cameras. The CycFX 8s were vertically mounted at the back of the stage, upstage (and underneath) the LED screens, making up a low res video layer to contrast with the high res screens. These, plus a large amount of generic fixtures were looked after and operated on the road by Petr Koutek using a grandma2 full size console. It was the first time that Audioblue had used BMFL’s on one of their tours and they were all very impressed with the brightness and sheer presence created by these luminaires together with their light weight and compact size for such a powerful fixture.

The tour manager was Jiri Kratochvil, sound and video were also supplied by Audioblue.

XL gets reckless with Bryan Adams

22/06/2015 - Business News

XL Video renewed its long-term touring relationship with multi-award winning Canadian singer/songwriter, musician, activist and philanthropist, Bryan Adams, who celebrates the remarkable 30th anniversary of his seminal “Reckless” album, one of a string of ground-breaking projects that has made him the bestselling Canadian rock artist of all time.

The production design for this tour was created by Willie Williams. XL’s Paul “Macca” McCauley has managed the account for the last three years, although XL’s association with Bryan Adams’ live work goes back several more years.
Macca worked closely with Adams’ own Video Director Marc Ledoux and Encore Operator Sebastien De Bellefeuille in co-ordinating and setting up the tour, together with Production Manager Andy Proudfoot.

At the back of the stage was an 11.4 metre wide by 4.8 metre high surface of XL’s Pixled F-12 LED, which was fitted with a clean, elegant scenic surround each night giving it the appearance of a contemporary cinema billboard. The two side IMAG screens measured 20 x 15 feet and were hung in portrait format, each fed by a rear-projecting Barco HD20K projector.

XL supplied a camera/PPU package comprising a Grass Valley Karrera mixer and four Sony HXC 100 operated cameras - positioned at FOH, in the pit and onstage. Two Bradley CamBall 2 robo cams and two Bradley mini-cams were also part of the camera package - positioned around the stage in quirky places. All of these camera sources were fed from the Carrera into the Encore, and output to screen from there.

Adams also had his own CCTV-style black & white camera that was used to capture particular grainy footage for one specific moment in the set. All the playback material was stored on a Catalyst media server system, and these cues were also routed into the Encore and output to the screens.

XL’s crew were Engineer Dave Rogers, Crew Chief Roger Nelson, Camera Operators Brian Miles and Mark Young and LED Technician Connor Canwell. Phil Haines programmed the Catalyst system during production rehearsals at Nottingham Ice Arena ahead of the first gig at the same venue.

Photos: Scott Davies

Robe LED Washes 1200s "Be Lucky" with The Who

22/06/2015 - Business News

The Who are amongst the world’s ‘greatest’ and most influential rock bands, with a reputation for great music, uncompromisingly edgy lyrics, fast-and-furious live performances and shouting out for the mod generation. Add the countless innovative studio albums, 100 million plus records sold and a career spanning over 50 years, and the word ‘legendary’ is no exaggeration...

Leading international lighting designer Tom Kenny has enjoyed his own illustrious working relationship with The Who dating back to 1989. This has resulted in the creation of numerous dynamic environments to showcase their live shows which are still action-packed with energy and passion. Tom frequently uses different Robe products on his various projects, and for the current Who tour - a celebration of 50 years at the sharp end of Rock‘n’Roll - he chose 60 Robe LED Wash 1200s to be on the rig. A major challenge in designing lighting for The Who in recent years is that no smoke or haze can be used, which immediately rules out certain types of lights. Tom has been using LED sources increasingly in his designs and decided to continue that theme on this current tour.

A large video system features an upstage LED screen, so any lights had to be potent enough to punch through the ambient lighting levels. He also decided to incorporate LED pixel panels in his design, which amplified the need for a very strong LED wash light. The LED Wash 1200 was an ideal choice. The fixture’s individual ring control also gives the additional scope to reproduce the look of the iconic Who ‘target’ graphics. The LED Washes are positioned all over the trusses, which include four overhead, four ‘wing’ trusses at the sides and four vertical towers upstage, and are the primary lights of the show. Rather than having a traditional scenic set, the stage is defined by the LED screen at the back and the various LED lightsources on Tom’s rig.

The Who draw on their extensive back catalogue of music each night and Tom really enjoys the spontaneity and buzz of lighting their live shows. The colors he’s chosen are closely related to the eye-catching video content produced by Des Murphy and Chris Rule, and Tom describes lighting the show as “A paletted cosmic journey with plenty of humor” through The Who’s career. He’s received a lot of positive feedback on how refreshing it is to see a show that’s not dependent on ‘beam technology’ to produce dramatic and compelling lighting.

The latest US leg of the Who’s tour continued through April, with lighting and video kit supplied by PRG. Tom was joined at FOH on the tour by David “Fuji” Covertino. They programmed the lighting together onto two grandma2s which are run by Fuji, with Tom controlling the key lighting and calling the show. The camera director was Mathueu Coutu and the playback video was operated by Giani Fabricio.

XL Video meets The Vamps

22/06/2015 - Business News

XL Video, working for Production North, supplied all video production - LED Screens, IMAG cameras/PPU and crew - for the most recent UK tour by hi-energy pop-rockers, The Vamps. The tour included several arena shows and was the largest to date for the rising stars who originally met via You Tube around 2012, as well as the first for Global Live, the new ‘live’ division of Ashley Tabor’s UK-based Global Entertainment and a co-promotion with AEG Live.

The Vamps stage/set and video design was evolved by the tour’s technical director Iain Whitehead (Production North) and lighting designer Peter Barnes, and included 145 square metres of XL Video’s ROE Visual MC-7T LED screen. The lively IMAG mix was cut by Dan Ormerod, and video was a major part of the overall aesthetic. Video screens were the most influential visual element when Iain and Peter started discussing a look for the show with the band’s management, who wanted a main screen and two outer ones angled backwards towards upstage centre. The band had existing footage that needed integrating into the show, so it was important that the combined screen size was close to 16:9 format, explained Peter.

The 7 mm ROE Visual product was chosen by Iain and XL’s Project Manager Phil Mercer as a good quality and cost-efficient solution. The three onstage screen surfaces and the two IMAG side screens were all made up of the MC-7T, giving complete continuity in terms of quality and appearance of the footage. The three onstage screens were each 8 tiles wide by 10 deep (measuring 4.8 x 6 metres), supported by the sides in a landscape format of 9 tiles wide by 7 high (giving 5.4 x 4.2 metres). All the playback content was produced by The Vamps’ Videographer Dean Sherwood.

Looking after XL’s Catalyst v5 media server control system, used to store and play all the pre-recorded footage, was Robin Haddow, and this material was primarily timecode triggered. The four IMAG camera channels (essentially one for each Vamp band member) were also fed into the Catalyst for outputting to screen. Having the Catalyst downstream and using the v5’s Exact Mapping feature enabled pixel-perfect images to be routed and fitted to each screen. Dan had four operated cameras at his disposal and two of XL’s custom built HDiye mini-cam units.

The Sony HXC-100s were positioned with one at FOH complete with long through lens, and two in front of the D-shaped runway emanating from the stage – circling the VIP area. The fourth was a hand-held operated by Robin who multi-tasked at strategic points in the show where the Catalyst was running itself his camerawork was invaluable for getting in-the-crowd and capturing the key close-up drama onstage. One of the two mini-cams was clamped to the drums focused to capture a full face shot of drummer Tristan Oliver for the song “Girls on TV”, which saw each of the five screens dedicated to a band member (lead singer Brad Simpson appeared on both left and right IMAG screens simultaneously). The second mini-cam was positioned (usually) stage left along the lip of the stage to catch a classic ‘front line’ shot of the band.

Dan really enjoyed the live directing, letting the exuberance and enthusiasm of the band to some extent shape his mixing style for the non-stop maelstrom of action characterising the set. Also an accomplished cameraman, he brought this vast experience of how to merge the most energising and appropriate individual shots to a much bigger picture.
Peter Barnes also commented on the teamwork and collaboration by all involved in creating the slick, contemporary aesthetic helping the young band ramp up their live performances.

Usher & Blake Shelton - the Blusher event

22/06/2015 - Business News

Usher and Blake Shelton united the genres of R&B and country respectively in front of 35.000 people for a unique double-headline concert at AT&T Stadium in Dallas. The concert was part of a gala event celebrating the 90th anniversary of the United Way of Metropolitan Dallas.

When Usher was confirmed for the gig, Dallas-based lighting and show designer Eric Wade of FOH Show, who has worked with the artist for 15 years, was asked to develop a production design for this special collaboration, and specified 162 of Robe’s LED Beam 100s and 50 LED Wash 1200s as part of his lighting rig. Wade also knows Blake Shelton’s production team, and with Shelton not currently touring, they were happy for him to co-ordinate all the relevant visual requirements for both multi-award winning stars for this epic performance. “My biggest challenge was to produce a creative show concept that would work fluidly to present both artists, give each their own individual shows and allow seamless transitions in between the two sets played by each,” said Wade. The design also had to embrace some special collaborations between the two.

The 125 foot wide stage was built in the middle of the field, and the set designed to allow both bands to remain onstage simultaneously. The concert’s flow was further aided by custom-created VT content - commissioned and produced by Wade - shown on a massive upstage LED screen at the back which was flanked to the sides by two more large LED surfaces. The stadium’s ‘house’ LED screen, measuring 160 feet wide by 72 feet high, hung up above and was also utilized for the show video content and IMAG.

With so much LED, it was important for the lighting to have impact, so Wade chose his fixtures carefully. Robe’s little LED Beam 100s proved ‘small is beautiful’ once again, and were arranged in eight 9x9 matrixes each side of the stage, breaching the gap between the onstage and offstage LED screens. The LED Beams were arranged on eighteen 10 x 10 foot truss frames, with nine of these positioned on each side. They were a huge visual element of the show. 24 LED Wash 1200s were positioned on the stage’s side ladders and used for powerful cross lighting on the bands and the main stage area. There were another 16 x LED Wash 1200s on one of the overhead trusses at the back, used for rear illumination on the band, plus another 10 on one of the downstage overhead trusses bathing the stage apron in a rich array of colors. The Robes were supplied by VER.

The programing schedule was intense, with a very short timeframe, substantial parts of the show had to be pre-visualized. Wade worked alongside his FOH Show team of Keith Hoagland, on a grandMA2 full size for Shelton’s show and John Lucksinger on another grandMA2 for Usher’s show. Wade called the show and was assisted throughout the entire show design process by his associates, Jason Winfree and Eric Marchwinski The ‘Blusher’ event - as it was popularly dubbed in the press - was a huge success on all fronts. It went down a storm live, and the social media channels were buzzing with speculation about potential future projects by the two high-profile superstars

Photos: Lewis Lee

HSL Catches the Prodigy Big Beat

22/06/2015 - Business News

Legendary electro rockers The Prodigy continue to enthral fans with their incredibly visceral and hugely energetic live shows, igniting some more serious noise on the road with their new “The Day is My Enemy” album, the worldwide campaign for which kicked off with UK and European dates plus an innovative lighting and visual design by Andy Hurst.
HSL supplied all the kit as the band stormed an eclectic selection of venues, the tour effectively providing a warm up for the summer festival tour. With this in mind, the design incorporated a floor based back-wall that will also function as a stand-alone package on festival shows.

The rig contained several customised elements including seven ‘transmission’ towers (14 for the largest shows at London’s Alexandra Palace) which HSL commissioned Alpha Fabs from Worcester. On this leg of the tour, 28 High End Shape-Shifters were rigged to ladder beam trusses at the back and 34 Ayrton Blades - specially purchased by HSL for the tour - were rigged on the towers.

On the deck were 11 Robe CycFX 8s, 16 LED Wash 600s, 6 Martin Mac 3s and 40 Nitro strobes dotted around, all of which will go on to the festival rig with Robe Pointes replacing the Shape Shifters on the ladders. The overhead trusses for the UK section contained the 25 Pointes which are already on the festival spec being circulated to local supply companies. The festival dates started with Rock am Ring and Rock am Park in Mendig and Nuremberg, Germany, respectively over the same weekend.

Andy is using his own Hog 4 Full Boar and Road Hog (as backup) consoles for control, running via ArtNet. His creative starting point for the design was the music, the intense Prodigy live vibe and the somewhat esoteric red fox artwork from the album artwork, which the band wanted as a giant backdrop to the stage. Andy trawled the music and lyrics of the new material during the initial phases of the design and found several references to rebel radio stations and pirate broadcasting, and from this, the transmission towers - and their accompanying special ‘TX’ dishes positioned on top - started to evolve.

The aluminium towers are finished in grey and off-white overpainted with blue which brings an industrial touch very characteristic of the band and their specific oeuvre of performance. The knowledge and experience of LED specialist Simon Deary was enlisted and he and Andy developed the TX dishes, starting with some painted photographic umbrellas which have been laced with frosted LED strips. ‘Magic box’ controllers offer DMX pixel control – bypassing the need for a media server - and providing a straightforward fuss-free solution that creates some distinctive and funky looks. Each umbrella has 24 channels of effects, each capable of being visually tweaked - at the touch of a button - up to three different ways.

HSL’s MD Simon Stuart's HSL crew for the UK tour were Tim Fawkes, Ray Wheelan and Stuart “Wales” Picton.

Frequenzversteigerung „Digitale Dividende 2“ beendet

22/06/2015 - Business News

Nach Ende der Frequenzauktion konnten die Bundesregierung und Bundesnetzagentur nur rund 1 Mrd. Euro für die Frequenzen der „Digitalen Dividende 2“ bei 700 MHz erlösen. Das im Jahr 2010 versteigerte 800-MHz-Band(„Digitale Dividende 1“) brachte dagegen noch rund 3,6 Mrd. Euro ein. Der Preisverfall zeigt, dass der Mobilfunk derzeit keinen echten Bedarf an zusätzlichem Frequenzspektrum hat.

Neuer Gahrens + Battermann-Katalog erhältlich

19/06/2015 - Business News

Eventtechnik-Dienstleister Gahrens + Battermann stellt in seinem neuen Katalog im Kapitel „Onstage“ ausgewählte Events vor, die durch einfallsreiche Eventlösungen und durch den Einsatz neuer Technik überzeugten. Equipment aus den Bereichen Video, IT, Audio und Licht finden sich im Kapitel „Backstage“; Unternehmensphilosophie und -ziele lassen sich in „Beyond Standard“.

WS Spalluto vertreibt Projektoren von Digital Projection

19/06/2015 - Business News

WS Spalluto erweitert sein Projektorensortiment: Ab sofort können neben NEC auch professionelle Projektoren von Digital Projection bezogen werden. Das Sortiment umfasst Single-Chip-DLP-Geräte (bis 12.000 ANSI Lumen) und 3-Chip-DLP-Projektoren (bis 20.000 ANSI Lumen). LED- und Lasermodelle komplettieren die Produktpalette.

Mobilfunk-Frequenzauktion beendet

19/06/2015 - Business News

Knapp 5,1 Milliarden Euro zahlen die drei Netzbetreiber für insgesamt 270 MHz Bandbreite bei der beendeten Frequenzauktion. Mit nur 60 MHz (3 x 10 MHz gepaart in den Bereichen 700, 900 und 1800 MHz) erhält Telefónica zwar das kleinste Stück vom
Kuchen, im Gegenzug investiert Telefónica aber auch "nur" 1,2 Mrd. Euro.

Vodafone sichert sich zwar 110 MHz, muss jedoch mit 2,1 Mrd. Euro auch erheblich tiefer in die Tasche greifen. Die Deutsche Telekom zahlt 1,8 Mrd. Euro für 100 MHz. Telefónica kommt zugute, dass sie durch die Übernahme von E-Plus bereits gut mit Frequenzen ausgestattet ist: "Zwar verfügt Telefónica künftig in den wichtigen Bereichen um 900 und 1800 MHz über 1/3 weniger Bandbreite als die Deutsche Telekom. Doch die Nutzer brauchen deswegen keine Angst zu haben, mit einem o2- oder E-Plus-Handy künftig im Funkloch zu sitzen. Allenfalls ist die Maximaldatenrate etwas geringer. Aber die wird mit einem Smartphone ohnehin nur selten erreicht. Viel wichtiger ist die durchschnittliche Datenrate. Die hängt davon ab, wie viele Nutzer sich eine Zelle teilen. Und hier punktet Telefónica mit dem dank der E-Plus-Übernahme dichtesten Netz in Deutschland."

In den Bereichen um 700 und 800 MHz, die für die langreichweitige Grundversorgung mit Datendiensten besonders wichtig sind, sind alle drei Netzbetreiber zudem gleich ausgestattet. Und bei 2100 MHz und 2600 MHz, die sich besonders gut für die Datenversorgung in dicht besiedelten Gebieten eignen, verfügt Telefónica sogar über so viel Spektrum wie die beiden Konkurrenten zusammen. Gerade für die Versorgung von Innenstadtbereichen und Großveranstaltungen ist Telefónica bestens aufgestellt. Dank Ihres Rückzugs aus dem Wettbieten spart Telefónica 600 bis 900 Millionen Euro im Vergleich zur Konkurrenz. Dieses Geld kann sie nun zusätzlich in den Netzausbau stecken.

Im Bereich um 1500 MHz hat sich Telefónica komplett rausgehalten. "Es ist noch nicht absehbar, ob diese TDD-Frequenzen in Deutschland in den kommenden Jahren überhaupt wichtig werden. Es verfügen bereits alle Netzbetreiber über große Mengen an ungenutztem TDD-Spektrum. Die größte Herausforderung für Telefónica ist nun die schnelle Netzintegration. Bis Ende 2016 müssen sie im Bereich um 1800 MHz fünf Blöcke zu je 5 MHz gepaart freiräumen. Drei davon gehen an die Telekom, zwei an Vodafone. Zusätzlich sichert sich Vodafone einen bisher ungenutzten Block (den sogenannten DECT-Schutzabstand).

Disney Deutschland erwirbt Alcons-Lautsprechersystem

19/06/2015 - Installationen News

Die Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures Germany GmbH (Disney Deutschland) hat für den hauseigenen Screening Room in München ein Alcons Pro-Ribbon-CR1-System angeschafft. In München werden alle deutschsprachigen Trailer und deutschen Synchronfassungen, Mischungen und DCP-QC aller Disney-Filmversionen final abgenommen und freigegeben.

Satis&fy AG stattet Time Warp in Mannheim aus

19/06/2015 - Rental News

Am Ostersonntag fand in der Mannheimer Maimarkthalle das Techno-Festival Time Warp statt. Mehr als 17.000 Technofans aus aller Welt folgten dem Ruf der Veranstalter. Für den Event lieferte die Satis&fy AG im Auftrag der Agentur Cosmopop insgesamt 17 Trailer an Beleuchtungs- und Beschallungsequipment. Die 40-köpfige Satis&fy-Crew, unterstützt durch 38 Helfer, benötigte drei Tage für die Ausstattung der sechs Floors und verbaute 180 Tonnen Material.

Kling & Freitag beschallt Züricher Hauptbahnhof

19/06/2015 - Rental News

Während eines langen Wochenendes im Mai 2015 fand an verschiedenen Spielorten in und um Zürich das Tanzfest „Zürich tanzt“ statt. Die Veranstaltung verzeichnete knapp 16.000 Besucher. Die ca. 26 m breite Bühne im Züricher Hauptbahnhof wurde von Kling & Freitag ausgestattet.

Weitere Audio Pro-Seminare im Juli

18/06/2015 - Termine News

Die Audio Pro Heilbronn Elektroakustik GmbH bietet im Juli folgende Seminare an:

Jana Beyer

18/06/2015 - Leute News

Jana Beyer, Studentin im Studienschwerpunkt Interaktive Medien am Institut für Animation, Visual Effects und digitale Postproduktion der Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg, wurde am 5. Juni 2015 mit der Verdienstmedaille des Verdienstordens der Bundesrepublik Deutschland ausgezeichnet.

Lawo-IP-Infrastruktur beim Eurovision Song Contest

18/06/2015 - AV-Medientechnik News

Über 200 Millionen Zuschauer in rund 80 Ländern verfolgten beim Eurovision Song Contest 2015, wie der Schwede Måns Zelmerlöw im Finale seine 26 Mitfinalisten auf die Plätze verwies - und damit auch, wie erstmals beim ESC sämtliche Audiosignale über eine Ravenna/AES67-basierte Infrastruktur verteilt wurden. Sowohl die vom zentralen Übertragungsdienstleister Videohouse eingesetzte Lawo Nova73-Audiokreuzschiene samt aller angebundenen Dallis I/O-Systeme als auch die Video- und Audioverteilung der Lawo-Kommentatorlösung basierten auf IP-Netzwerktechnologie.

„Das Wunder von Bern“ mit Sennheiser-Technik

17/06/2015 - Rental News

Beim Musical „Das Wunder von Bern“, das seit November 2014 im Hamburger Stage Theater an der Elbe aufgeführt wird, kommen Drahtlossysteme von Sennheiser zum Einsatz, die von der Amptown System Company geliefert und in Betrieb genommen wurden.

PLS/Musikmesse 2016: Stephan Kurzawski übernimmt von Kai Hattendorf

16/06/2015 - Business News

Kai Hattendorf (44), derzeit unter anderem Leiter des Geschäftsbereiches Entertainment, Media & Creation bei der Messe Frankfurt ist designiert, die Geschäftsführung des Weltmesseverbands UFI zu übernehmen. Das gab der Verband bekannt. Hattendorf wird dazu die Messe Frankfurt im Herbst verlassen. „Wir gratulieren UFI zu dieser Wahl. Der Verband hat mit Kai Hattendorf einen profilierten Kommunikations-und Digitalexperten gewonnen, der mit der internationalen Messewirtschaft bestens vertraut ist“, sagt Wolfgang Marzin, Vorsitzender der Geschäftsführung der Messe Frankfurt.

Den Geschäftsbereich Entertainment, Media & Creation mit den Messen Musikmesse und Prolight + Sound übernimmt ab sofort Stephan Kurzawski zusätzlich zu seinen Aufgaben als Geschäftsleiter der Messe Frankfurt Exhibition. Hattendorf wird bis zu seinem Ausscheiden zusammen mit den Teams an der Neuaufstellung des Messeduos Musikmesse und Prolight & Sound arbeiten.

Die Prolight + Sound wird ab 2016 mehr Raum für die Entwicklung des Produktangebotes rund um Technologien und Services für Entertainment, Integrated Systems und Creation haben, wenn sie das Ostgelände mit den Hallenebenen 1.1, 3.0, 3.1, 4.0, 4.1, 5.0, 5.1 sowie die Festhalle und die Freiflächen belegt. Zusätzlich stärkt die Fachmesse ihr Angebot durch die Veränderung der Tagesfolge. Die Prolight + Sound wird am 2016 von Dienstag, 5. April bis Freitag, 8. April von jeweils 10 bis 19 Uhr geöffnet sein.

Zu den wichtigsten Neuerungen der Musikmesse zählt die Errichtung einer Business-Welt auf einer kompletten Hallenebene mit zahlreichen neuen Services für Händler. Die übrigen Hallen sind an allen vier Messetagen nicht nur für Einkaufsentscheider und sonstige Fachbesucher, sondern auch für das musikinteressierte Publikum geöffnet. Mit dem neuen Konzept geht auch eine Änderung der Öffnungszeiten einher. Die Messe findet ab 2016 von Donnerstag bis Sonntag, 10 bis 19 Uhr, statt. Sie belegt zukünftig die Hallenebenen 8.0, 9.0, 9.1, 10.2, 11.0, 11.1 sowie das Portalhaus und die Galleria.

Erste positive Ergebnisse zeigen sich in der bereits jetzt erfreulichen Rückbucherquote. Noch bis zum 31. Juli 2015 haben Unternehmen die Möglichkeit, ihren Stand auf der Musikmesse 2016 zum Frühbucherpreis anzumelden. Die Premiere der Musikmesse mit neuem Konzept findet vom 7. bis 10. April 2016 auf dem Frankfurter Messegelände statt.

PRG schließt Übernahme von XL Video ab

16/06/2015 - Business News

PRG hat jetzt bekannt gegeben, dass die angekündigte Übernahme von XL Video abgeschlossen ist. „Mit der Integration von XL Video in die PRG Familie ermöglichen wir unseren Kunden einen noch besseren Zugang zu einer deutlich erweiterten Palette an Videotechnologien und -dienstleistungen", sagte Jeremiah „Jere" Harris, Chairman und CEO der Production Resource Group.

Die Niederlassungen von XL Video werden im Rahmen der Übernahme Teil des weltweiten PRG Netzwerks von mehr als 40 Niederlassungen an den wichtigsten internationalen Standorten. Projektteams, die mit Mitarbeitern aus beiden Unternehmen besetzt sind und dabei alle Länder, Marktsegmente und Abteilungen vertreten, arbeiten gegenwärtig an der Integration.

Compass Go by Meyer Sound

15/06/2015 - Equipment News

Meyer Sound stellt mit Compass Go eine neue App vor, die ein iPad in ein tragbares Steuergerät umwandelt, um Meyer-Sound-Systeme auch mobil zu optimieren. Compass Go ist eine Tablet-Adaption der Compass-Control-Software, der kostenlosen primären Steuerschnittstelle für die Galileo- und Galileo-Callisto-Lautsprecher-Management-Systeme.

Produktneuheiten von Sommer Cable

15/06/2015 - Equipment News

Sommer Cable präsentiert eine Reihe von neuen Produkten der Hausmarke Cardinal DVM. Bei der Entwicklung der Produkte stand die Nachfrage nach immer größeren Bandbreiten und Auflösungen im Vordergrund. So sind alle Geräte voll 4K-tauglich.

Umgebungsoptimierte Steckverbinder von Harting

15/06/2015 - Equipment News

Hygienische Sicherheit ist in der Lebensmittelindustrie oberstes Gebot. Harting startet nun mit der umgebungsoptimierten Steckverbinder-Baureihe Han F+B, die bestehende Limitierungen im Anlagendesign aufhebt.

GLP erweitert Impression-Serie

15/06/2015 - Equipment News

Das jüngste Mitglied der Impression-Familie von GLP ist zugleich das kleinste: Der Impression X1. Bei knapp 20 cm Höhe und 3 kg Gewicht bietet er vier 15 W-RGBW-LEDs und kontinuierliche Bewegungsfreiheit in den Pan- und Tilt- Achsen. Die austauschbare Optik hat in der Standardbestückung einen Abstrahlwinkel von sieben Grad. DMX sowie PowerCon In- und Out lassen einen einfachen Daisy-Chain-Aufbau zu.

Alternative zu Chip-on-Board-LED

15/06/2015 - Equipment News

Mit der Duris S 10 erweitert Osram Opto Semiconductors seine Chip-Array-SMD-Familie (CAS). Die SMD-Technologie (Surface-mounted device) ermöglicht eine einfachere Montage. Die neue Duris ist in zwei Leistungsklassen erhältlich und für den Einsatz in Spotlights und Downlights sowie direktionalen und omnidirektionalen Retrofits geeignet.             

Neuer Expolite-TourSpot/TourBeam

12/06/2015 - Equipment News

Der neue Expolite TourSpot 50 Mini tritt in die Fußstapfen des TourSpot 60. Für das Bühnenbild steht neben dem Spot nun auch ein LED-Beam zur Verfügung: der neue Expolite TourBeam 50 Mini. Ausgestattet sind beide Geräte mit einer neuen 50-Watt-Luminus-LED. Durch ihre PowerCon-Anschlüsse sind die Geräte für den Touringbetrieb geeignet.

Neuer Signalprozessor von Analog Way

12/06/2015 - Equipment News

Der neue Signalprozessor Vio 4K von Analog Way ist der neu entwickelte Nachfolger des Tetra Vio. Er besitzt sieben universelle Eingänge, die als HDMI, DVI, 6G-SDI, Display Port und universelle Analogports ausgeführt sind. Aus den anliegenden Videosignalen kann jeweils ein Signal ausgewählt und auf bis zu drei unabhängig skalierte Ausgänge geschaltet werden.

Neuer In-Ear-Kopfhörer von Audio-Technica

12/06/2015 - Equipment News

Der neue In-Ear-Kopfhörer ATH-ANC40BT von Audio-Technica bietet mit Bluetooth 3.0 und AptX-Technologie kabellosen Sound. Musik und andere Audioformate können von bis zu zwei Quellen simultan empfangen werden. Falls eine dieser Quellen ein Smartphone ist, können über das integrierte Mikrofon Anrufe angenommen und über den Controller Lautstärke, Video und Musik gesteuert werden. Zusätzlich zu der Möglichkeit, zwei Geräte gleichzeitig zu verwenden, speichert der ATH-ANC40BT bis zu acht Geräte. Dies ermöglicht eine Kopplung mit den am meisten genutzten Audioquellen.

Apart Audio stellt neuen Vinci-Lautsprecher vor

11/06/2015 - Equipment News

Die Vinci-Lautsprecherserie des belgischen Herstellers Apart Audio (Vertrieb: SEA) hat Zuwachs bekommen: Der neue Vinci 4-16 ist ein kompakter Lautsprecher mit Bassreflexgehäuse, der speziell für den Einsatz in Festinstallationen konzipiert wurde. Er eignet sich für kleine bis mittlere Projekte. Die Impedanz von 16 Ohm ermöglicht den Betrieb von bis zu vier Vinci 4-16-Lautsprechern an einem Verstärkerkanal, sofern dieser für eine Last von 4 Ohm ausgelegt ist.

Sony-Videokonferenzsystem PCS-XG77H jetzt multipointfähig

11/06/2015 - Equipment News

Das neue Software-Update auf Version 1.41 macht aus Sony PCS-XG77H ein multipointfähiges Videokonferenzsystem. In Verbindung mit der entsprechenden Multipoint-Lizenz, die per Install-Key auf dem Gerät aktiviert wird, kann PCS-XG77H Videokonferenzen mit fünf weiteren Standorten via IP aufbauen, ohne dass Kosten für Infrastruktur oder externe Hardware-Brücken anfallen. Das Update auf Version 1.41 ermöglicht zudem ISDN-Konnektivität, sowohl für PCS-XG77H als auch PCS-XG100H.

Weiterer Nivtec-Standort

11/06/2015 - Business News

Nivtec eröffnet zum 1. Juli 2015 eine neue Dependance in Urmitz bei Koblenz. Neben dem Stammwerk des Remscheider Unternehmens bietet der neue Standort auf dem Gelände des langjährigen Nivtec-Service-Partners Actionlight eine zusätzliche Möglichkeit, Bestellungen jeglichen Umfangs abzuwickeln. Die Infrastruktur erleichtert das Handling im Versand von großvolumigen Sendungen.

Neuheiten von Ross Video

10/06/2015 - Equipment News

Der kanadische Hersteller Ross Video erweitert mit dem Carbonite Black die Carbonite-Serie um ein weiteres Mainframe und ein neues Controlpanel. Der Carbonite Black bietet in einem 2HE hohen Mainframe drei volle MEs, zusätzlich vier MiniMEs, 36 Inputs und 22 Outputs sowie alle anderen bereits bekannten Features der Carbonite-Serie.

Kindermann erweitert HDBaseT-Produktpalette

10/06/2015 - Equipment News

HDBaseT ist der Übertragungsstandard für hochaufgelöste digitale Videosignale über große Distanzen. So können HDMI-Signale über Entfernungen bis 70 m übertragen werden, ohne dass die Bildqualität beeinträchtigt wird.

Integriertes Lastmess-System ohne Verlust der Einbauhöhe

09/06/2015 - Equipment News

Movecat hat das einzige integrierte Lastmess-System für den kombinierten ein- und zweisträngigen Kettenzugbetrieb ohne Verlust von Einbauhöhe mit der Bezeichnung LME-Duo auf den Markt gebracht. Das System ist uneingeschränkt kompatibel zu den LMS- und MPC I-Serien sowie dem LoCo R3-Receiver von Movecat.

Stage Tecs On Air Flex mit Nexus-Vollintegration

09/06/2015 - Equipment News

Stage Tec stellt eine Neuerung für sein Broadcast-Mischpult On Air Flex vor: Künftig wird die Steuerlogik des Pultes über die neue Steuerbaugruppe XACI vollständig in Nexus integriert; die Abhängigkeit von einem externen Host-PC wird beseitigt, der Funktionsumfang der virtuellen Pultsteuerung erweitert.

Lawo-Mischpulte integrieren Digitalmikrofone von Neumann

09/06/2015 - Equipment News

Lawo und Neumann vermelden die Integration von Neumanns digitalem Mikrofon-Interface DMI-8 über Ravenna-Audio-over-IP-Technologie. Das DMI-8 unterstützt acht digitale AES42-Mikrofone und wird über die Neumann Remote Control Software (RCS) betrieben, die jetzt nahtlos in die mc²-Serie integriert ist.

Neuer Matrixschalter/Multiscaler von Kramer Electronics

08/06/2015 - Equipment News

Der neue VSM-4x4HFS von Kramer Electronics ist ein Matrixschalter/Multiscaler mit verschiedenen einstellbaren Betriebsmodi für die Veranstaltungstechnik, Systemintegration und Digital Signage. Der Matrixschalter verfügt über 4 HDMI-Eingänge und 4 HDMI-Ausgänge, die entweder im Matrix-Umschaltmodus zur nahtlosen Umschaltung betrieben werden können oder auch im Videowall-Modus (2x2), im Dual-Display-Modus (PiP/P&P) oder im Quad-Display-Modus.

Neue Vivitek-Multimedia-Projektoren

08/06/2015 - Equipment News

Vivitek erweitert sein Line-Up an Multimedia-Projektoren um die Modelle DX813 und DW814. Der Vivitek DX813 mit nativer XGA-Auflösung besitzt eine Lichtleistung von 3.500 ANSI Lumen. Für Wide-Screen-Projektionen sorgt der Vivitek DW814 mit WXGA-Auflösung, der maximal WUXGA (1.920 x 1.200 Pixel) und eine Lichtleistung von 3.800 ANSI Lumen darstellen kann. Die 3D-kompatiblen Projektoren bieten DLP-Link und HDMI 1.4b-Blu-Ray-Unterstützung.

Kongresszentrum Westfalenhallen wird umgebaut

08/06/2015 - Business News

Der Umbau des Kongresszentrums Westfalenhallen hat begonnen. „Durch das Modernisierungsprojekt optimieren wir das Ambiente unseres Kongresszentrums“, so Sabine Loos, Hauptgeschäftsführerin der Westfalenhallen Dortmund.

Electro-Voice präsentiert neues Line-Array

05/06/2015 - Equipment News

Mit der X-Line Advance-Serie präsentiert Electro-Voice seine Line-Array-Familie in neuem Design. Zur X-Line Advance-Familie gehört die X2-212/90, ein kompaktes 12’’-Vertical-Line-Array-Lautsprecherelement.

Novation Launchpad Mk2 mit RGB-Pads

05/06/2015 - Equipment News

Die 64 Pads der Mk2-Version des Novation Launchpad sind mit RGB-LEDs beleuchtet, die die gleiche Farbe zeigen wie die Clips in Ableton Live, sodass der User erkennt, welche Clips gerade abgespielt werden.

Neuer 4K-Monitor von Viewsonic

05/06/2015 - Equipment News

Viewsonic stellt mit dem VX2475Smhl-4K einen neuen Ultra-HD-Monitor vor. Der 4K-Multimediamonitor im 24-Zoll-Format ist mit einem Profi-Panel und zahlreichen Features für Home Entertainment, Gaming und Bildbearbeitung ausgestattet.

Audio-Technica auf der Stage Set Scenery

05/06/2015 - Business News

Audio-Technica stellt auf der Stage Set Scenery (9. bis 11. Juli 2015) in Berlin aus (Halle 3.2, Stand 418). Neben Herstellerprodukten im Bereich Mikrofone und Kopfhörer werden auch Produkte der Marken Allen & Heath, Clear-Com (Halle 3.2, Stand 200) und Wisycom vorgestellt.

ETC Rigging mit europäischem Debüt auf der Stage Set Scenery

05/06/2015 - Business News

In Berlin findet vom 9. bis 11. Juni 2015 zum ersten Mal die Fachmesse Stage Set Scenery statt. ETC ist bei der Messepremiere mit zwei Ständen vor Ort: In Halle 2.2 (Stand 208) präsentiert das Unternehmen erstmals in Europa seine Obermaschinerie-Sparte ETC Rigging. In Halle 1.2 (Stand 210) stellt ETC die Palette seiner Licht-Produkte vor, inklusive Demos und Hands-on-Möglichkeiten für Fachbesucher.

Movecat präsentiert neuen Showcontroller

04/06/2015 - Equipment News

Movecat stellt den „kleinen Bruder“ der Expert-T II-Konsole vor: Der I-Motion Basic-C ist ein kompakter, mobiler Systemcontroller zur systemischen Steuerung von kinetischen Antrieben. Das Gerät im Pultgehäusedesign verfügt über einen integrierten dynamischen Fahrhebel mit Totmannfunktion, eine ergonomische Handauflage sowie einen 12“-4C-Touchscreen und eine Eingabetastatur. Außerdem ist er mit einem Speed-Ratioregler ausgestattet (hochauflösenden Dreh-Encoder mit Tastfunktion).

Neuer Schallabsorber von Gerriets

04/06/2015 - Equipment News

Gerriets hat ein neues Textil im Sortiment: Der Absorber Light bietet einen Schallabsorptionsgrad von 0,80 (Schallabsoberklasse B) und ist in vier Farben erhältlich (Silbergrau, Anthrazit, Hellbeige und Sandbraun). Da der Stoff kaum verdunkelt, eignet er sich in erster Linie für Fensterfronten von Büroräumen, Museen oder Proben- und Konzertsälen. Material: 90% Trevira CS/10% Polyester FR. Breite: 300 cm. Gewicht: 149 g/m². Brandklasse: DIN 4102 B1 und EN 13501-1.

Pure Audio Group auf der MIDEM

04/06/2015 - Business News

Die Pure Audio Group ist auf der Musikmesse MIDEM (5. bis 8. Juni 2015) in Cannes vertreten. Mit ihren Partnern Arvato Entertainment Europe und B&W Group Germany, die den Messeauftritt der Pure Audio Group unterstützen, präsentiert das Unternehmen sein physisches Tonträgerformat für hochauflösende Stereo- und Surround-Musikproduktionen am Stand mit der Nummer R7.K2.

Flash Art gestaltet Audi Show Room

04/06/2015 - Rental News

Auf der Consumer Electronics Show Asia 2015 in Shanghai hat Automobilhersteller Audi seine Weiterentwicklungen vorgestellt. Flash Art entwickelte und installierte für den Audi-Messestand eine iPad-gesteuerte Multimedia-Show.

Analog Way Certified Trainings im Juli/August

04/06/2015 - Termine News

Videotechniker, die sich auf die Durchführung von Veranstaltungen als Operatoren von komplexen Multi-Layer Signal-Management-Systemen und Prozessoren spezialisiert haben, können sich bei Publitec zum „Certified Live Core Operator“ ausbilden lassen.

DEAG steigert Umsatz und Ergebniskennzahlen im 1. Quartal 2015

03/06/2015 - Business News

Die Deutsche Entertainment AG (DEAG) ist profitabel ins Geschäftsjahr 2015 gestartet. Der Umsatz und alle Ergebnisgrößen konnten gesteigert werden. Die aktuelle Veranstaltungspipeline zeigt zudem, dass die geschäftliche Entwicklung in den folgenden Quartalen weiter anziehen könnte. Nach vorläufigen Zahlen stieg im 1. Quartal 2015 der Umsatz um 19,6 Prozent auf 38,96 Mio. Euro, das EBIT kletterte von 1,48 Mio. auf 1,83 Mio. Euro, das Nettoergebnis nach Minderheiten verbesserte sich im Konzern von 0,97 Mio. auf 1,04 Mio. Euro.

Multimedia-Installation von HB-Laser in Schärding am Inn

03/06/2015 - Rental News

Die österreichische Stadt Schärding am Inn, an der Grenze zu Deutschland gelegen, wurde während der Wintermonate durch eine Multimedia-Installation erleuchtet. Zu den illuminierten Objekten gehörten u.a. die Innbrücke, ein Kloster sowie die Uferpromenade.

Nivtec Days zum Actionlight-Jubiläum

03/06/2015 - Termine News

Die Actionlight Veranstaltungstechnik Gmbh feiert am 19. Juni 2015 ab 15 Uhr ihr 20-jähriges Firmenjubiläum am Standort in Urmitz (bei Koblenz). Actionlight öffnet aus diesem Anlass die Tore seiner Werkstätten und Lagerhallen. Besucher werden über das Gelände geführt. Neben Networking und Austausch von Branchennews soll auch der gemütliche Teil nicht zu kurz kommen. Für das leibliche Wohl ist gesorgt.

Webinar über Karrierewege in der Eventbranche

03/06/2015 - Termine News

Was macht ein Eventmanager? In welchen Bereichen und Branchen sind Veranstaltungskaufleute tätig? Welche Einstiegs- und Entwicklungsmöglichkeiten gibt es in der Veranstaltungsbranche? Wie sind die Jobaussichten in dieser Branche? Was bedeutet "Live-Kommunikation"? Wie gelingt der Quereinstieg? Welche Weiterbildungsmöglichkeiten kommen in Frage?

Awox präsentiert Produktpalette auf der MedPi

03/06/2015 - AV-Medientechnik News

Awox hat auf der MedPi 2015 im Grimaldi Forum de Monaco seine komplette Produktpalette inklusive mehrerer Neuheiten präsentiert. Zu den ausgestellten Produkten gehörten CamLight, SmartLight, SafeLight und SmartPlug.

Neuheiten von K-array

02/06/2015 - Equipment News

Anlässlich des 25-jährigen Firmenjubiläums präsentiert der italienische Pro-Audio-Hersteller K-array (Vertrieb: SEA) einen neuen Passiv-Subwoofer: Der KU210 bietet einen maximalen Schalldruck von 127 dB (SPL) und einen Übertragungsbereich von 40 bis 150 Hz. Abmessungen: 50 x 28,2 x 15 cm. Gewicht: 11 kg. Das vollständig aus Stahlblech gefertigte Gehäuse ist nach Schutzart IP 66 klassifiziert.

Meyer Sound erweitert Leo Family

02/06/2015 - Equipment News

Der Line-Array-Lautsprecher Leopard und das Low-Frequency-Control-Element 900-LFC sind die kleinsten und am vielseitigsten einsetzbaren neuen Mitglieder von Meyer Sounds Leo Family. „Mit der Leo Family wollen wir Verzerrungen bis an ihre theoretischen Grenzen reduzieren“, so John Meyer, Gründer und CEO von Meyer Sound.

Harting M12 mit Schutzschlauch

02/06/2015 - Equipment News

Der Harting M12-Steckverbinder schützt angeschlossene Kabel jetzt mit einem Schutzschlauch besser vor äußeren Einflüssen. Die neue Lösung besitzt die IP-Schutzklasse 65/67 und kann  in Temperaturbereichen von -40° C bis +85° C eingesetzt werden.

Kabelschutz in Erde und Beton

02/06/2015 - Equipment News

Fränkische bringt sein erdverlegtes Kabelschutzrohr in der neuen Variante Kabuflex R plus auf den Markt: Höheres Gewicht steigert die Druckfestigkeit, die neue grüne Innenschicht bietet verbesserte Einzugseigenschaften. Das neu entwickelte Kabuflex R Beton, erhältlich in Dimension 110, eignet sich besonders für den Einbau in Beton. Neu im Zubehör des Kabelschutzprogramms ist eine transparente Doppelsteckmuffe mit doppelter Kontrollfunktion für die Installation.

Gahrens + Battermann unterstützt Weltkongress für Sicherheit und Gesundheit

02/06/2015 - Rental News

Auf dem größten internationalen Kongress für Sicherheit und Gesundheitsschutz bei der Arbeit, der im August 2014 auf dem Gelände der Messe Frankfurt stattfand, war Gahrens + Battermann mit der technischen Umsetzung des Veranstaltungskonzeptes der DGUV betraut. Veranstaltungstechnisch beraten wurde die DGUV durch die Agentur 3C Creative Communication Concepts.

Neue Display-Rollwagen und -Ständer von Peerless-AV

01/06/2015 - Equipment News

Peerless-AV erweitert seine Modellreihe aus Rollwagen und Ständern für 32 bis 98 Zoll große einzelne Flachbildschirme. Die neuen Modelle umfassen alle notwendigen Funktionen für den Kommunikationsbedarf in Unternehmen, Gastgewerbe, Bildungseinrichtungen, Wohngebäuden und bei Veranstaltungen, u.a. Live-Streaming, Video-on-Demand, Präsentationen, Standort-Dienste und Datei-Sharing.

Osram präsentiert neue LED-Familie

01/06/2015 - Equipment News

Die 15 LED-Varianten der Synios-Familie P 2720 von Osram Opto Semiconductors sind äußerlich kaum zu unterscheiden: Alle haben das gleiche Lötpaddesign und die gleichen Gehäusemaße. Ihr Innenleben ist dagegen variabel.

Digitaler Plug & Play-Anwendungsleitfaden von Apart Audio

01/06/2015 - Business News

Wie entwirft man eine Beschallungslösung für kleine und mittelgroße Anwendungen? Als Antwort auf diese Frage hat der belgische Hersteller Apart Audio (Vertrieb: SEA) ein digitales Werkzeug veröffentlicht, das Installateure bei ihrer Arbeit unterstützen und inspirieren soll.

Gigatronik und Sitronic kooperieren

01/06/2015 - Business News

Engineeringpartner Gigatronik und Fertigungsdienstleister Sitronic kooperieren zukünftig bei der Entwicklung und Fertigung von Fahrzeugelektronik. Die strategische Partnerschaft ermöglicht den beiden Stuttgarter Unternehmen, Entwicklungsprojekte mit anschließender Serienproduktion für Kunden zu realisieren.

Artlogic eröffnet Büro in Amsterdam

01/06/2015 - Business News

Im März 2015 hat Artlogic in Amsterdam ein zweites niederländisches Büro eröffnet. Das Büro am Hauptsitz in Tilburg koordiniert in Zukunft weiterhin die gesamten Niederlande, jetzt unterstützt durch die lokale Disposition in Amsterdam, die sich komplett auf die Hauptstadt konzentriert. Mit über 1.000 Festivals, Seminaren, Messen, Konzerten und Businessevents jährlich ist Amsterdam eines der wichtigsten Einsatzgebiete der Artlogic-Crew in den Niederlanden.

LMP Pyrotechnik unterstützt „Holiday On Ice“

01/06/2015 - Rental News

Die „Passion“-Tournee der Showreihe „Holiday On Ice“ feierte mit dem Beginn der Deutschland-Tour im November 2014 seine Weltpremiere. Bei der Inszenierung kamen Spezialeffekte von LeMaitre und Equipment aus dem Hause LMP Pyrotechnik zum Einsatz.